*DRUMROLL* The new Doctor Who…

The new Doctor is, gasp! A woman!

Specifically Jodie Whittaker, best known for her role on Broadchurch. Ironically, opposite a former Doctor.

For the record, as long as the stories, acting and action are good, I’m perfectly fine with a female Doctor, and honestly could care less. 

But more than a little part of me thinks this is political, and if it’s a political casting, then there will be politics and public perception weighed out in every episode. And that will destroy Doctor Who until they remove her and go back to a male lead. Then there will never be another opportunity for a woman as the Doctor because BBC bowed to the critics and journalists, not the fans.
When you listen to the noise and let social issues and talking head perception affect your choices, you will fail every time. I truly hope they chose Jodie for the right reasons, because she was the best choice of the possible choices, but I have some doubts….

I wish her the best of luck, and hope the new showrunner Chris Chibnall and the BBC don’t fuck her career for short term ratings and headlines….


Wasting the American Dream


Tonight on Fox there was a reality game show called “Super Human”. Basically a show about people with heightened observational skills. I’ve definitely watched worse, but not by a lot.

Anyway, the last “Superhuman” was a young latino man with a ability to memorize things in ways that esentially give him a photgraphic memory. Now before they show the contest, the do the typical humantarian background bullshit piece. In his he talks about how him mother imigrated to America for a better life for her kids. They grew up dirt poor and he sold random things door to door to help support the family. Nice story, right? ehhhh. Here’s my issue:

When he realized at a young age that he had his ability, did he buckle down in school? did he share his special skill with people that could’ve gotten him free rides to some of the best colleges in the world? Nope. He spends his 20’s being a novelty act, scraping by when he can and of course jumping at the chance to make $20K on a game show. And of course none of that should matter to me since his mother is in the audience crying with joy & once a week he teaches kids at a high school some of his memorization techniques. I call shenanigans.

This kid has squandered his life in the worst way possible. He could have been anything, ANYTHING, and yet he’s chosen to be a birthday party/corporate gig/Reality tv sideshow. His mother should be crying with shame, not joy.

TV Broke Vs. Real Broke

I have very, very basic cable, like 15 channels basic, mainly because cable is expensive and it’s 300 channels of shit. So when i actually watch tv it’s usually whatever syndicated crap is on TBS. Right now it’s Two Broke Girls.

So lets break this down:

  1. they both have full time jobs
  2. They own a cupcake business
  3. In the mind numbing epsisode i just watched they have a thriving tee shirt side business
  4. They have a two bedroom apt in NYC with a back yard big enough to have a small barn & a full size horse.
  5. They can afford to feed the horse.
  6. In the last episode they got a $10,000 business loan and now have $13,650 in savings.

So, by TV standards they’re broke. This means i should be in the next Sally Struthers feed the children commercial.

I wish i was that broke.


Patriot or traitor?

Edward Snowden.

Really, I could have just typed his name, ended the blog post there and it would have been enough to elicit responses. But, as usual, I have a few thoughts.

Most of the right considers him a traitor. Most of the left considers him a traitor. Most politicians and journalists in general think he’s a traitor.

So when the entire mainstream political and media “ruling class” are out for his head, doesn’t that make you stop to think?

All patriots have at one time another been vilified, hated or called a traitor. It was only in hindsight that many peoples actions have been considered heroic or patriotic.

The facts are, he broke our laws and violated security and the requirements of his job. For that he should surely be held responsible. But what did he do beyond that?

He exposed our govt. As being even more devious then we imagined. He put into a bright spotlight the NSA’s willingness to spy on its own citizens. He showed that almost everyone in federal office, democrat or republican, is involved in this in some way or another and is willing to protect, defend and bury the violations of your privacy and freedoms. Are we safer? Is it worth the price?

The conversation has intentionally shifted. When the leaks first came out it was about the govt., the NSA, the violations of America’s trust. As soon as we knew his name that all changed. Now we don’t care about the destruction of our civil liberties, we only care about the man behind the leaks. Wake up. He doesn’t matter. It’s the content, not the delivery boy that threatens to tear apart our country. How about we take a minute to re-align our focus.

When all all is said and done, will we vilify someone for exposing a dirty secret and let our govt. off scott free? Or will we realize that while Snowden may not be either a patriot or a traitor, what he exposed needed to come out.


A new Pope and the problem with Journalism…


So there’s a new Pope. ok, awesome. He seems like a good, humble guy and i wish him luck. But this rant isn’t about him, really, it’s about our current news media.

Watching the coverage of the popes selection i’ve finally had to face facts: mainstream news has become TMZ. Think about it.

Our presidential election coverage? they’re a three ring circus that we should be embarrassed about. If aliens are watching out news casts, they’re running away just in case stupidity is infectious…

We now name SNOW STORMS. ones that drop less than 12 inches….

And look at this Papal debacle. We’ve tried to turn the selection of the Pope into a presidential election. you had journalists picking top favorites and a 24 hour news cycle that, let’s be honest, hates religion, shoving the same three minutes worth of information down your throat hour after hour. Who did they think they were influencing?

I actually think i owe TMZ an apology, they post some embarrassing pics, run a slimy story and move on. Our news media does the same segments day after day after day…

The news media no longer reports the news, the try to create, spin and manipulate it. They have written themselves into the narrative instead of reporting the issues. And i’m not blaming left or right leaning (biased) media, both sides of the spectrum should be ashamed of themselves.

In 10 years will we even recognize the news anymore? will their actually be real news anymore? You better hope to god the government doesn’t exert control over the web, or we’re all fucked.

remember, we get the things we deserve when we tolerate mediocrity







In defense of Lena Dunham…wait, screw that….

For those of you that don’t know(and i hope you don’t), Lena Dunham is an actress/writer/director. in 2010 she wrote, directed and stared in a movie called Tiny Furniture. It was poorly written, even more poorly acted, badly filmed, and even though you should always love yourself and how you look, you need to realize when you should NEVER be caught on film naked. A few small film festivals and a few dozen hipsters watched this move (and me, for some reason) and then promptly forgot about it.

Flash forward to 2012 and someone at HBO had a stroke, aneurism or acid flashback and thought it was a good idea to give Lena her own show. What’s it about? it’s about a bunch of unintelligent, lazy, entitled, mildly slutty mid-twenties hipsters that make horrible choices and then whine about them. Sounds awesome right? not really. But the show has a following, enough so that it was picked up for a second and possible third season.

Now, normally I would just let crap like this float by and pay no attention to it. But something got me annoyed (something always does) so here I am ranting.

What got me annoyed?


Lets get something straight. Lena Dunham is NOT the voice of a generation. Roughly 4 million people tune in every week to watch this show. Those kind of numbers would get it cancelled on any network except the CW.  And I can guarantee you, this is the breakdown of people watching it:

1. Hipsters

2. 20 something girls in major metropolitan areas

3. Journalists

4. People that will watch any show HBO puts on the air.

Let’s get this straight, just because some girls in NYC, LA & Chicago tune into you doesn’t make you the voice of a generation. Just because journalists swoon over you, doesn’t make you the voice of a generation. This show has no redeeming value, no lessons learned, no wisdom given. And don’t get me wrong, Tv shows don’t have to contain any of these things. But when you declare the writer a VOICE OF HER GENERATION, we better see some sort of brilliance, some sort of point. Lena better have something to say that matters. But she doesn’t. She’s a spoiled hipster with a world view as wide as a toothpick, and in five years no one will remember who she was.

Yeah, I know, I sound angry. But if i’m wrong, and she really is the voice of a generation, we are friggin screwed. Because this is a voice with nothing to offer except cashing in on themes and stories of the lowest common denominator….

god help us all……

*full disclosure* – before writing this, i did download and watch a few episodes. they sucked.

Blowing off steam… Politically speaking…


I got a little angry tonight. See, i come from a conservative, deeply christian family. And because I’m a writer and an artist I have some very committed liberal friends. Me? I’m one of those annoying as fuck independents. It’s not that i can’t make up my mind, i just think both parties are full of shit and i refuse to openly support them.


Tonight I “hid” 11 friends and family members from my Facebook timeline because I was sick of all the political bullshit coming from both sides. I also vowed than in order not to be a hypocrite, I wouldn’t post anything even remotely political on Facebook, I would reserve it all for my blog. Lucky you, huh?


Here’s why I’m angry.

When people post political quotes or links or stories on Facebook it is almost always the most spiteful, hateful, pandering, mindless bullshit on earth. The fact that the people posting it can’t see through it astonishes me. Now I firmly believe that everyone has the right to free speech and their personal beliefs, but when this crap is posted on Facebook it’s shoved directly into the face of every one of their “friends”. And I also have the right not to have to see it.

And I actually don’t understand the point. Do you think if you post an article about how President Obama is a Muslim Marxist who simultaneously reads the Koran & The Communist Manifesto every morning, that people are suddenly going to switch sides? Do you really believe that people will cry out in shock and change their party affiliation if you post a news piece claiming Paul Ryan kills the elderly every morning and sprinkles their bones on his Corn flakes? And if people can be swayed so easily by such fear mongering bullshit, do you really, really want them voting? In fact if you think so damn little of their mental capabilities, why are you friends with these people?

I guess i don’t have an answer, I’m just done. I know who i’ll vote for in November, so from this point on i’ll turn off the news, Hide people on Facebook, throw away the newspaper, walk away from any political conversation and live my life.

Maybe you should do the same, i think it’s going to be pretty refreshing…


Oh yeah, i won’t be posting this blog to Facebook either, so i hope the three of you that read me enjoyed this….