Asshole Musicians Of The Week

Celebrities do a lot of dumb things. All the time. I know it, you know it and if they weren’t to busy doing afore-mentioned dumb things, they’d probably know it too. So here’s my top  asshole moves by bands/musicians.

  1. Maroon 5.


Everyone that knows me knows I support gay marriage, have several gay friends and fully believe in a “live & let live philosophy”.

However, let’s play a game of spot the hypocrisy.

In Russia homosexuality was classified as a mental illness till 1993 and being openly gay was banned till 1999. Anyone that falls under the category of LGBT is openly discriminated against, has no legal protections and zero domestic partner rights. There are multiple documented cases of transpersons being beaten by vigilante groups for using the wrong bathrooms or being openly trans. Want to see freedom for openly gay people? Read up on the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.

Why bring this up? Maroon 5 has decided they can’t perform in NC because the anti-lgbt law there goes against their principles. Yet they still plan to perform in Russia this summer.

I guess principles get all “grey area” where their wallets are concerned.

     2. Beyonce


Beyonce is all about girl power, woman power, race power….power power, power. We’ll skip over the fact that she completely fucked over the original members of Destiny’s Child and talk about her clothing line Ivy Park. Because, while she’s all about empowering women, she opted to have her clothing line manufactured in Sri Lanka. And while Beyonce is all about empowering women, the seamstresses in her factory make $6.23 a day. Now that’s power(Honorable mention goes to the national review that claims Beyonce is a hero because most workers in Sri Lanka make slightly less than $6 a day).

3. Justin Bieber


Poor Bieber had to cancel a show in Argentina. During a visit to Argentina in 2013, Bieber was seen disrespecting Argentina’s flag during a concert and in 2015 an Argentinian judge issued an arrest warrant for him related to the assault of a photographer.

Although let’s be honest, he makes this list as long as he’s breathing.


 4.Wes Scantlin (Puddle Of Mudd Vocalist)


The Charming, lovable lead singer of Puddle of Mudd has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to appear in court for one of the 12,000 dumb things he’s done in less than 2 years.

The singer’s arrest record is a laundry list of charges, including trespassing and vandalizing his former home, multiple DWI / DUIs and even riding the baggage carousel drunk at an airport. Scantlin’s also made headlines for multiple mid-show meltdowns where he accused a fan of stealing his house, shutting down a show after verbally abusing the venue’s sound guy and ranted at the crowd from a chair onstage while the rest of his band walked offstage. He even somehow managed to avoid charges for being involved in a standoff with 30 police officers. While attempting to jump-start a car, Scantlin hurried from the driveway and into his house when the authorities arrived, refusing to come out for two hours. Winning!


Patriot or traitor?

Edward Snowden.

Really, I could have just typed his name, ended the blog post there and it would have been enough to elicit responses. But, as usual, I have a few thoughts.

Most of the right considers him a traitor. Most of the left considers him a traitor. Most politicians and journalists in general think he’s a traitor.

So when the entire mainstream political and media “ruling class” are out for his head, doesn’t that make you stop to think?

All patriots have at one time another been vilified, hated or called a traitor. It was only in hindsight that many peoples actions have been considered heroic or patriotic.

The facts are, he broke our laws and violated security and the requirements of his job. For that he should surely be held responsible. But what did he do beyond that?

He exposed our govt. As being even more devious then we imagined. He put into a bright spotlight the NSA’s willingness to spy on its own citizens. He showed that almost everyone in federal office, democrat or republican, is involved in this in some way or another and is willing to protect, defend and bury the violations of your privacy and freedoms. Are we safer? Is it worth the price?

The conversation has intentionally shifted. When the leaks first came out it was about the govt., the NSA, the violations of America’s trust. As soon as we knew his name that all changed. Now we don’t care about the destruction of our civil liberties, we only care about the man behind the leaks. Wake up. He doesn’t matter. It’s the content, not the delivery boy that threatens to tear apart our country. How about we take a minute to re-align our focus.

When all all is said and done, will we vilify someone for exposing a dirty secret and let our govt. off scott free? Or will we realize that while Snowden may not be either a patriot or a traitor, what he exposed needed to come out.


Want your Dream Job? CISPA might have a few things to say about that


So you’ve just left college. Spent 4-8 years studying. Put on that cap & gown, walked across the stage for your diploma and made you parents proud. Good job, now it’s time to enter the workforce.

What happens next ISN”T normal. you land your dream job. The perfect job, the perfect pay, the perfect perks, everything you worked so hard for. You’re in the final interview, they love you, you love them, it’ just a big old boardroom love-fest. Then it happens.

“Well Glen, we love you resume and education, we think you have a great attitude and would be a perfect fit for our team. We just need to complete the background check and you’re good to go.”

You smile and nod, you’re not worried, No criminal records, no drugs, barely even a parking ticket. Your former employers love you, your references are impeccable.

Then they slide a form across the table asking for the usernames and passwords of all of your social network accounts. The form also states that if employed, your employer must have constant access to all accounts and can terminate you if you are posting confidential company info or ANYTHING THAT COULD TARNISH THE REPUTATION of the company.

What could be considered tarnishing the reputation of the company? that is at the full discretion of the guy in HR monitoring your accounts.

Now most of you read my little scenario and are thinking; “wait, hasn’t this already been tried? and aren’t states slapping the hands of employers that try this?” yes.

Well, that’s all about to change. Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Google+ will have noticed me trying to raise your awareness of CISPA, the new internet security and safety bill that just passed the house by a huge margin, and is now on it’s way to the senate.

One of the key provisions of CISPA? yup, it gives your employers the legal right to discriminate against you and terminate you solely based on your social network content. This law will allow employers to refuse you a job if you don’t turn over the user names and passwords to all your social networks, it will also allow your employer to contact your friends and family on social networks while logged in as you.

So, ever post a pic of you at a strip club? maybe doing a keg stand? maybe an anti-Obama post or a pro-NRA post? All of these completely legal and socially acceptable things could cost you a job. And even better? CISPA would override ALL PREVIOUSLY PASSED STATE LAWS. so you have no legal recourse or protection on the state or federal level.

Make no mistake, this is the beginning of online censorship. Want to be a CEO someday? you better not post ANYTHING that will offend ANYONE. EVER.

let’s be practical, writing this very blog post could cost me a job.

If your congressman supports this bill, you need to get inviolved. This isn’t just stopping illegal downloads or terrorists or cyber-terroists. This is giving corporations the right to silence your voice. This gives the federal government unheard of power over the internet.

In a time when the head of the IRS recently said, on the record, that your emails have no right to privacy & warrants are not nessasary to acces your email, should we really be trusting our government with this much power? This isn’t right or left, liberal or conservative. This affects everyone in the US that uses the internet for anything. We are at a pivitol moment in our country, what side of history will you be able to say you were on when all is said and done?

News Source:

A new Pope and the problem with Journalism…


So there’s a new Pope. ok, awesome. He seems like a good, humble guy and i wish him luck. But this rant isn’t about him, really, it’s about our current news media.

Watching the coverage of the popes selection i’ve finally had to face facts: mainstream news has become TMZ. Think about it.

Our presidential election coverage? they’re a three ring circus that we should be embarrassed about. If aliens are watching out news casts, they’re running away just in case stupidity is infectious…

We now name SNOW STORMS. ones that drop less than 12 inches….

And look at this Papal debacle. We’ve tried to turn the selection of the Pope into a presidential election. you had journalists picking top favorites and a 24 hour news cycle that, let’s be honest, hates religion, shoving the same three minutes worth of information down your throat hour after hour. Who did they think they were influencing?

I actually think i owe TMZ an apology, they post some embarrassing pics, run a slimy story and move on. Our news media does the same segments day after day after day…

The news media no longer reports the news, the try to create, spin and manipulate it. They have written themselves into the narrative instead of reporting the issues. And i’m not blaming left or right leaning (biased) media, both sides of the spectrum should be ashamed of themselves.

In 10 years will we even recognize the news anymore? will their actually be real news anymore? You better hope to god the government doesn’t exert control over the web, or we’re all fucked.

remember, we get the things we deserve when we tolerate mediocrity







Blowing off steam… Politically speaking…


I got a little angry tonight. See, i come from a conservative, deeply christian family. And because I’m a writer and an artist I have some very committed liberal friends. Me? I’m one of those annoying as fuck independents. It’s not that i can’t make up my mind, i just think both parties are full of shit and i refuse to openly support them.


Tonight I “hid” 11 friends and family members from my Facebook timeline because I was sick of all the political bullshit coming from both sides. I also vowed than in order not to be a hypocrite, I wouldn’t post anything even remotely political on Facebook, I would reserve it all for my blog. Lucky you, huh?


Here’s why I’m angry.

When people post political quotes or links or stories on Facebook it is almost always the most spiteful, hateful, pandering, mindless bullshit on earth. The fact that the people posting it can’t see through it astonishes me. Now I firmly believe that everyone has the right to free speech and their personal beliefs, but when this crap is posted on Facebook it’s shoved directly into the face of every one of their “friends”. And I also have the right not to have to see it.

And I actually don’t understand the point. Do you think if you post an article about how President Obama is a Muslim Marxist who simultaneously reads the Koran & The Communist Manifesto every morning, that people are suddenly going to switch sides? Do you really believe that people will cry out in shock and change their party affiliation if you post a news piece claiming Paul Ryan kills the elderly every morning and sprinkles their bones on his Corn flakes? And if people can be swayed so easily by such fear mongering bullshit, do you really, really want them voting? In fact if you think so damn little of their mental capabilities, why are you friends with these people?

I guess i don’t have an answer, I’m just done. I know who i’ll vote for in November, so from this point on i’ll turn off the news, Hide people on Facebook, throw away the newspaper, walk away from any political conversation and live my life.

Maybe you should do the same, i think it’s going to be pretty refreshing…


Oh yeah, i won’t be posting this blog to Facebook either, so i hope the three of you that read me enjoyed this….




Political Food For Thought…

Here’s my little rant for the day:

You need an ID to drive a car

You need an ID to buy cigarettes

You Need an ID to buy Beer

You need an ID to register to vote

You need an ID to Fly

You need an ID to get into a bar

You need an ID to register for college

You need an ID to go to Canada or Mexico

You need an ID to park in the parking lot at the NY State museum in Albany

You need an ID to Tan in NY

You need an ID to apply for unemployment

You need an ID to Cash a check

Using a credit card requires an ID

Applying for a business license requires an ID

Applying for permission to hold a protest or rally Requires an ID

You need an ID to get a job

You need an ID to buy a house or real estate

You need an ID to Rent an Apt

You need an ID to Rent a car

You need an ID to Purchase a firearm (Includes BB guns in some states)

You need an ID to Apply for a hunting license

You need an ID to Apply for a fishing license

You need an ID to buy OTC meds that contains pseudoephedrine ( Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl)

You need an ID to Serve on jury duty

You Need an ID to Get a bank account

You Need an ID to apply for welfare, food stamps or any other form of public assistance

Last weekend when Eric Holder spoke to the NAACP about ID requirements for voting. You needed an ID to get into the speech…

You need an ID to attend an election fundraiser for President Obama

A NY state ID costs $10 and is good for 8 years

Yet President Obama, Eric Holder & the NAACP would like us to believe that it’s racist and discriminatory to require people to have an ID to vote in elections.

If we go by this logic, then shouldn’t the requirement for the 28 things I’ve listed above also be considered racist and therefore be done away with? Doesn’t their argument make the actually ID itself discriminatory?

Just some food for thought….