The Coffee Life – Rochester NY Edition


It’s been a hot minute or two since I’ve used this blog, and since I’ve recently moved to Rochester NY and am currently squatting in a hotel till i find an apartment, I find myself with a bit of extra time and my usual coffee addiction

Since I’ve been here i’ve obviously settled for Starbucks about a dozen times, convenience and all, but on my days off i’ve done some exploring. So far I’ve tried 4 independent coffee shops. Oddly enough my favorite place esthetically  isn’t even close to my favorite for coffee quality.  So here’s what ive found so far.
1.Fuego Coffee
So hipster it’s painful. And this is from the guy wearing skinny jeans and black rimmed glasses. However the coffee quality is amazing. I’ve had a cold brew and a Latte and both had really great flavor. I’m a huge fan so far.
2. New Roots Cafe
This place is every bit as hippy as its name indicates. It’s in a converted house with study rooms and music practice rooms. Very relaxing vibe. Coffee wise, I’ve tried a hot dark roast and of course the obligatory Latte. Coffee was very good, I drink it black, and the Latte (no flavoring or sugar) is pretty smooth.
3. Java’s coffee
This place f**king kills esthetically. Picture the private den of an Anthropology professor/Aspiring artist/musician/obsessed book collector. and then make it a tad weirder. super comfortable, artsy atmosphere. The Coffee? A bit disappointing. Price was a little high for the latte and only came with two shots (ala Starbucks). And the quality? even with my requested two extra shots there was a noticeable weakness to it. I may give this place another shot because of the atmosphere, but the verdict doesn’t look great.
                 (this was an actual Java’s customer sitting across from me painting)
3. Village bakery and Cafe
Normally i shy away from mall coffee places, but it’s an indie and it was that or Starbucks. Small footprint, kinda crowded. There’s a little loft over the main floor with tables, but this is really a grab and go kinda place. They supposedly make all their own baked goods, but i didn’t try.Probably a good thing because this is where i messed up. I ordered a flavored Latte, French toast to be exact, and by time i got to the opposite side of the mall i had a mild stomach ache from the sweetness. The bored teenage girl behind the counter apparently used the entire bottle of flavoring. I might give their straight coffee a try next time, but my opinion of mall coffee shops still stands.
4. Union place coffee roasters
It’s hard to rate this place. It’s really not a coffee shop, it’s truly a coffee roasters. They roast right on site and sell it there. They only have one of their coffee’s brewed each day to showcase for customers, which they only charge a buck for if you get larger than the sample cup. The French roast I tried was decently strong, with really good flavor, black of course. I’ll probably go back and grab a bag when i have an apartment.
I estimate i have another 7-10 local coffee places to try, plus there’s a few Spot coffee’s and Norma Jeans (both Chains) that I’m sure I’ll hit eventually. I hope if you ever hit the greater Rochester area, this helps.
Know a place in Rochester I should try? Drop it in the comments.

Book Reading/Signing

Hey everyone, very pleased to announce that I’ll be having a book reading/signing at Koffee Kat espresso bar in Plattsburgh Ny on August 5th at 7PM. I’ll be reading from my latest book “Storybook Endings” and possibly sharing some new work. I’m also very happy to announce that a great local North Country musician Kevin Lewis will be performing a short acoustic set before i read that night. Make sure you check out the event invite on FB if interested.



A visit to a coffee shop….


So I visited one of my favorite coffee shops today, brought my tablet, figured I’d do a little writing and relax. This was my actual experience….

I understand college kids are often on a tight budget, I was there once. Hell, I’m still there more often than I like….

But If you come to a coffee shop, that also sells food, and bring your own Tupperware dish of food, I kind of dislike you…..

But hey, live & let live, right?

I wish.

Because I forgot my headphones and the girl in question & her friend are working on a project for a class about converting more people to “an organic life” and how places like Whole Foods are just evil corporations killing the cause and need to be picketed out of business using Twitter & other social media….of course they can’t go three words without saying “like” or stopping to respond to a text…oh my God, they’re going to vote next year, aren’t they?

Next, I sneezed. Instead of saying “bless you” the two of them stopped their conversation, looked at me like I’d just rubbed one out in their soy milk, free range, organic , half-caf, double foam chai lattes and then went back to their “important” work.

As my friend Ethan asked on social media version of this  story “And let me guess, when they were wearing their free trade, free range alpaca wool knit hats that cost 100 times what they should, that their mommy and daddy handed to them. On their over powered Mac’s that they solely use for social media, also that mommy and daddy bought them?”

In a word, Yes.

What’s the point of this post? Nothing really, I just realized that the millennial generation really is most of the shitty things people say about them and it makes me sad…..

*un-ironically posted by the guy with the thick frame glasses, “read more books” tee, wool cardigan and battered chucks*


There’s an old dictionary here opened to a random page. Its been here as long as I can remember. I look around at the teens on their i-phones, the hipsters on their Macbooks and the college girls talking about how “Paris just won’t be as much fun this year” and I’m positive that this is the least used item in the entire coffee shop…..

And yes, I realize the hypocrisy of the hipster posting this to WordPress from his smartphone…..


Shameless plugs…

So every now and then (when my blog is tanking) i decide to try a social media experiment (cheap grab for attention). Here’s what i do: i just write ( Suzanne Collins). I just write random things ( Pretzel M&M’s) and i throw in key phrases (The Voice) that people (twitter, Tumblr etc… ) may be talking about (Hunger Games) or doing web searches for (naughty nurses). So, yeah, i just ramble (Ashton Kutcher) about big things (Christina Aguliera’s ass), small things ( NBC ) happy things (Happy Endings) sad things ( Alicia Silverstone’s parenting skills), creepy things ( Steven Tyler ) and anything else that may draw people to my blog ( free money ). Dishonest (election 2012)? probably a little (Keith  Olberman), but i hope that people come here for one thing ( Nude Celebrities ) and maybe read one of my other blog Entries ( New NFL uniforms ). Then i post this blog ( 50 shades of Grey ) in every category i can think of ( Mad Men ) on WordPress and probably drive my fellow bloggers ( Game Of Thrones ) crazy. of Course keywords are important ( Jennifer Lawrence ) so everything in bold ( Weight loss ) also gets made into a keyword. Seems like alot of work (Caffeine ) for something that might bomb (terra Nova) right? well, it’s after midnight ( Magic hat beer ) and i don’t have much going on right this second (crack addiction ) so why the hell not (Whitney Houston ).

So if this is your first time visiting (identity theft ) i urge you (begging) to try out a few of my normal ( Oikos ) blog entries. You never know, you may enjoy me ( buy my books ). Also feel free to leave me some hate mail too ( Kim Kardashian ) if this just plain pisses you off ( gas Prices ).

Thanks for reading ( sorry)

SOPA & PIPA… make your voice heard today…


In case you are wondering why Google has blacked out their name, and why Wikipedia is blacked out and why even WordPress, the site that hosts my blog, has their main page censored, it’s all About PIPA and SOPA. If you don’t know what these are, here’s a blog i wrote a few days ago about SOPA. please check out the resources, do some homework and help support this fight…Losing this fight is the beginning of losing your freedom of speech on the internet.

You can send a protest letter directly to Congress through

Please also visit for more information on today’s protest, who’s participating and how you can help. There are some great links and info here.

Next, Here is a link to lists of companies/sites that are supporting PIPA & SOPA. Make sure you take a minute to show them how you feel.

People are always talking about history, the effect it has on the world, and the ramifications of letting bad things happen because we’re too busy or too lazy or too ignorant. This could very well be a defining moment in our generation. These are very dangerous bills that would give the Government unilateral power to control the internet and reduce our freedoms to that of China. No Democracy should have that power over it’s people. And remember, this isn’t a political issue in the traditional sense. this is supported by Liberals and Conservatives alike. you CANNOT depend on your “party” to represent you this time.

Lastly. if you are on Twitter, use #SOPASTRIKE all day today, let’s make it a #1 trending topic and force people to pay attention



Social experiment or shameless self promotion? yeah…i know….

(Tip: The first time your read this, skip all the red words)

So i did this a few months ago Lady Gaga and it was kind of funny to see what Glee sucks search keywords drew people to my site. So i peppered a relatively boring X-factor post with the names of random shows, actors Brad Pitt and bands and sat back to see how many people Twitter care about theses particular Charlie Sheen Words. On one hand it’s an interesting Twilight exercise to see exactly what people really look for nude celebrities while they’re on the net, but let’s face it, it’s also shameless promotion for my national coffee day blog, since all of these keywords red sox will lead people to my blog and maybe they’ll stick around  Andy Rooney and read some of my real blogs. If I’m really, really lucky maybe somebody will check out my books HEREAnd if they don’t well, then i get some cheap, over-inflated stats for a day or two and Brennin Hunt then I’ll have to think of a real blog post Jessica Rabbit. So if you found me through this cheap ploy for attention Herman Cain, stick around, I’ve actually probably blogged about most of these things at one time or another Halloween costumes and you might like me after all.    






Lastly, i choose to blame this blog on the fact that it’s my day off, it’s pouring out and so i can’t go to the animal shelter and walk the dogs….