So what do you do when you’ve been uninspired for months? When you have some ideas but are unable to crystalize them? When the things racing back and forth throughout your mind never make it to paper?

Recently I committed the ultimate technology stupid move. I lost 13 poems because I’d written them on my computer, hadn’t backed them up or hand copied them into a journal and assumed they were safe because they were on my external hard drive. They weren’t. The effect was actually kind of devastating. Like most writers I loathe much of my work, but I was happy with these 13 finished prices and now I’ve lost them forever and I think that’s added to my lack of inspiration.

Tack on a job that I actually like, but doesn’t stimulate creativity in any way whatsoever.

And here I am.

So where do I go?

Where do you go, how do you get the spark back?


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