Social Media Hunger Strike…Week one


So every year i take 30 days off from social media. It’s my Social Media Fast/Cleanse/Enema.

No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Pintrest…. Which reminds me, my digital footprint is way too F**king big…

Anyway, this year i was on FB and in a matter of minutes several people pissed me off with their posts and got my undies all in a bunch, so i declared a 1.5 month fast. F**K. Here’s problem: I don’t delete posts. Once it’s there, it’s there. So of course i experience a rush of comments and now i’m stuck with my hasty, stupid declaration. And off i go. I sign out of all the social media apps on my phone and remove the apps from my screen to help with temptation.

Day 1: I have to skip my yearly smart ass play by play of the Billboard Music awards, one of the many awards shows i hate, but still watch just to mock. Yeah, i can be a dick

Day 3: Several work related things happen that i’d love to vent about. I don’t.

Day 5: I realize i have several dog adoption events over the next two weeks and i normally promote the hell out of them. Do i break my fast for the sake of homeless dogs? Still debating…..

Overall the first week’s been pretty easy. However next week i’m on vacation all week, and my posts usually triple during vacations. Time will tell….

And in case you’re wondering why i’m blogging, i don’t consider this Social media exactly. Part of the point of my fast is to free up wasted time and use it to write. blogging loosens my muscles and gets me in a better frame of mind for poetry, short stories and the two books i haven’t finished. At least that’s the theory.

So, update next week. Hopefully i’ll have something interesting to say. But don’t hold your breath….


3 thoughts on “Social Media Hunger Strike…Week one

  1. In the spirit of this exercise, I’ll leave a comment rather than “like” this post. I’m convinced that Twitter and Facebook were the death of my writing, be it blog or fiction. I may have to drop off for a while too.

  2. I think the dogs would be happy if broke your strike a little bit to help get them adopted. As long as you don’t say “here’s Buddy and by the way, f*ck cats and people who go to Walmart” 🙂

  3. Well, I failed. I posted some dog stuff, then friends came to visit, then it was my birthday…. And that was all she wrote. I agree Johnny, social media has had a negative affect on my creativity. I probably spend more time thinking up clever things to post on social media than I do trying to finish the three writing projects (figuratively) collecting dust on my hard drive.

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