Just Shut Up & Play A Song Zooey…..

Recently, Bands like The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s, She & Him & Savages have been banning camera’s, including cell phones at their concerts. Other musicians like The Smith’s Johnny Marr have called concert goers “Dicks” for using their cell phone camera during concerts.

Bands that aren’t banning camera’s or even directly ranting against them on stage are still weighing in. The common argument on their part? “Why bother taking pictures? they’re gonna look like shit anyway”

Here’s my response to that argument:

Ok, yeah, i see what you mean, spoiled rock stars. that picture i posted below, taken with a Motorola Droid smartphone with a mid-level 8 megapixel camera from 20 feet away, is so dark and grainy and blurry and distorted, i don’t know why i bothered taking it…..


Their next argument is that if you spend your night taking pictures, you miss that experience of the live show. Now i can’t speak for everyone, i know there are some idiots in this world, but in the course of a concert i probably spend 10 minutes taking pictures. That means i’m a captive audience for the other 50 minutes (or more) that the headline act is playing. Does that 10 minutes, scattered across an hour really hurt how i see the show?

I look at groups like In Flames, who pull fans on stage to record songs with their smartphones, steal phones from the audience and take “selfies” and make attendees promise they’ll post any videos that come out well on You Tube.

Then i look at bands like Cake, that chastise the audience and refuse to start another song until fans put their phones away.

Which band actually gives a fuck about the concertgoer?

Here’s a suggestion: Shut up. You play music for a living. Yes, i know it’s not always as glamorous or easy as people think, but you’re still famous for a living. Trade places with a construction worker for a month or a fast food worker for a week, or a cell phone salesperson for a day, and you’ll go running back to your air conditioned tour bus you whiny little pansy.

Maybe, just maybe, if you cut Ticketmaster & Live Nation out of the ticket process, lower your ticket prices, lower your t-shirt prices, stop blocking your music from streaming services and give your fans 100% every time you walk out on stage, maybe you can dictate how we attend your concerts. Until then just play your one fucking hit and let us document & experience the concert how we see fit.


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