Patriot or traitor?

Edward Snowden.

Really, I could have just typed his name, ended the blog post there and it would have been enough to elicit responses. But, as usual, I have a few thoughts.

Most of the right considers him a traitor. Most of the left considers him a traitor. Most politicians and journalists in general think he’s a traitor.

So when the entire mainstream political and media “ruling class” are out for his head, doesn’t that make you stop to think?

All patriots have at one time another been vilified, hated or called a traitor. It was only in hindsight that many peoples actions have been considered heroic or patriotic.

The facts are, he broke our laws and violated security and the requirements of his job. For that he should surely be held responsible. But what did he do beyond that?

He exposed our govt. As being even more devious then we imagined. He put into a bright spotlight the NSA’s willingness to spy on its own citizens. He showed that almost everyone in federal office, democrat or republican, is involved in this in some way or another and is willing to protect, defend and bury the violations of your privacy and freedoms. Are we safer? Is it worth the price?

The conversation has intentionally shifted. When the leaks first came out it was about the govt., the NSA, the violations of America’s trust. As soon as we knew his name that all changed. Now we don’t care about the destruction of our civil liberties, we only care about the man behind the leaks. Wake up. He doesn’t matter. It’s the content, not the delivery boy that threatens to tear apart our country. How about we take a minute to re-align our focus.

When all all is said and done, will we vilify someone for exposing a dirty secret and let our govt. off scott free? Or will we realize that while Snowden may not be either a patriot or a traitor, what he exposed needed to come out.



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