Web Surfing that won’t waste your time…..


if you’re reading my blog, you probably spend quite a bit f time on the web. Seriously, how else would you have found this thing? You can surf, you can Stumble, you can Pintrest, you can Wiki or you can just check out my top 5 favorite websites that are a great way to spend your time on the net.

1. Short Of The Week ( http://www.shortoftheweek.com/ )

From the site: “We believe short films are at the center of innovative storytelling. New ideas, new techniques and new directors first make their mark in the filmmaker’s playground that is short form cinema.”

The short and simple of it? short films anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Comedy, romance, drama, action, horror, animation, sci-fi. Just spend a few minutes browsing and you’ll find yourself constantly revisiting the site for new videos. In the last 4 months i’ve found some of the most charming, inspiring movies i’ve seen in a long time. this is where filmmaking is art & entertainment. Skip the multiplex, go here….

2. TED. ( http://www.ted.com/ )

 I’m sure a lot of you know this one. TED is a site filled with lectures. Sounds boring right? yeah, it can be. but doing a bit of digging, searching for talks that you’re interested in will yeild some amazing results. Give it a shot, but beware, this is a site where you may learn something.

3. Babel Music ( http://www.baeblemusic.com/ )

Like your music of the Indie persuasion? then this is your site. Catch up on music news, watch concerts, interviews and exclusive studio sessions by some of today’s biggest and fastest rising indie bands

4.Geeks Are Sexy ( http://www.geeksaresexy.net/ )

While i WOULD categorize myself as a geek, i wouldn’t ever call myself sexy. however to do appreciate the sentiment and this site. filled with the latest in geek news, gadgets and videos, this site is  a nerds paradise. i’ll meet you there.

5. Oneword ( http://oneword.com/ )

This one is simple. If you are a writer this site is for you. Every day you go to the page and hit “Go” it takes you to another page where there is a word. Below that word is a blank box. From the moment you get to the page you have exactly 60 seconds to write about the word on the page. their tag is “Don’t think. Just write.”


So there thy are. 5 websites that make me feel a little less guilty about the time i spend on the web. And i think every now and then something thats fun AND doesn’t cost you IQ points (yeah i’m talking to you Facebook) is a good thing.





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