A new Pope and the problem with Journalism…


So there’s a new Pope. ok, awesome. He seems like a good, humble guy and i wish him luck. But this rant isn’t about him, really, it’s about our current news media.

Watching the coverage of the popes selection i’ve finally had to face facts: mainstream news has become TMZ. Think about it.

Our presidential election coverage? they’re a three ring circus that we should be embarrassed about. If aliens are watching out news casts, they’re running away just in case stupidity is infectious…

We now name SNOW STORMS. ones that drop less than 12 inches….

And look at this Papal debacle. We’ve tried to turn the selection of the Pope into a presidential election. you had journalists picking top favorites and a 24 hour news cycle that, let’s be honest, hates religion, shoving the same three minutes worth of information down your throat hour after hour. Who did they think they were influencing?

I actually think i owe TMZ an apology, they post some embarrassing pics, run a slimy story and move on. Our news media does the same segments day after day after day…

The news media no longer reports the news, the try to create, spin and manipulate it. They have written themselves into the narrative instead of reporting the issues. And i’m not blaming left or right leaning (biased) media, both sides of the spectrum should be ashamed of themselves.

In 10 years will we even recognize the news anymore? will their actually be real news anymore? You better hope to god the government doesn’t exert control over the web, or we’re all fucked.

remember, we get the things we deserve when we tolerate mediocrity








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