Wonder what’s next: Random Thought

First there was a AOL and MSN Messenger. Next game chat rooms. Then the Internet was he basically turned upside down by myspace. Eventually MySpace lost it’s edge and in came facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, tumbler & Instagram to take it’s a place. It’s actually kind of telling that it took 6 social networks to replace MySpace but that’s another story all together. Blogs (like mine) had their moment in the sun, but are so widespread by now that there is just a ton of white noise coming out of them….

Now twitter has been dethroned by Google + as the second biggest social network and in recent surveys Facebook is losing its cool factor with teenagers.

So what’s next? Is there a new, original, fresh idea to replace Facebook, or are we just going to see smaller and smaller niche social networks?

Just a random thought


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