In defense of Lena Dunham…wait, screw that….

For those of you that don’t know(and i hope you don’t), Lena Dunham is an actress/writer/director. in 2010 she wrote, directed and stared in a movie called Tiny Furniture. It was poorly written, even more poorly acted, badly filmed, and even though you should always love yourself and how you look, you need to realize when you should NEVER be caught on film naked. A few small film festivals and a few dozen hipsters watched this move (and me, for some reason) and then promptly forgot about it.

Flash forward to 2012 and someone at HBO had a stroke, aneurism or acid flashback and thought it was a good idea to give Lena her own show. What’s it about? it’s about a bunch of unintelligent, lazy, entitled, mildly slutty mid-twenties hipsters that make horrible choices and then whine about them. Sounds awesome right? not really. But the show has a following, enough so that it was picked up for a second and possible third season.

Now, normally I would just let crap like this float by and pay no attention to it. But something got me annoyed (something always does) so here I am ranting.

What got me annoyed?


Lets get something straight. Lena Dunham is NOT the voice of a generation. Roughly 4 million people tune in every week to watch this show. Those kind of numbers would get it cancelled on any network except the CW.  And I can guarantee you, this is the breakdown of people watching it:

1. Hipsters

2. 20 something girls in major metropolitan areas

3. Journalists

4. People that will watch any show HBO puts on the air.

Let’s get this straight, just because some girls in NYC, LA & Chicago tune into you doesn’t make you the voice of a generation. Just because journalists swoon over you, doesn’t make you the voice of a generation. This show has no redeeming value, no lessons learned, no wisdom given. And don’t get me wrong, Tv shows don’t have to contain any of these things. But when you declare the writer a VOICE OF HER GENERATION, we better see some sort of brilliance, some sort of point. Lena better have something to say that matters. But she doesn’t. She’s a spoiled hipster with a world view as wide as a toothpick, and in five years no one will remember who she was.

Yeah, I know, I sound angry. But if i’m wrong, and she really is the voice of a generation, we are friggin screwed. Because this is a voice with nothing to offer except cashing in on themes and stories of the lowest common denominator….

god help us all……

*full disclosure* – before writing this, i did download and watch a few episodes. they sucked.


3 thoughts on “In defense of Lena Dunham…wait, screw that….

    1. She’s the writer/ star of that show “Girls” on HBO. She’s made a career of being a stereotypical rich, hipster, millennial. She represents everything that’s going downhill about that generation and has gotten filthy rich off it

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