MOvember: Ugly mustache’s and cancer awareness…..

So November is also known as MOvember.

It’s the month of the year when men all over the country grow Mustaches to help raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer & testicular’s a fun, goofy, tacky way to help raise money for serious causes that people, men specifically might not think much about.

As of right Last night am registered, clean shaven and ready to grow what will most likely be a horrible fu-manchu mustache. Below you’ll find  my donate page, please consider donating, it goes to The Prostate Cancer Foundation & Livestrong. I will be pestering regularly for the month of November.

My Team Page: Tom Sellecks Nuts

(For those of you confused by the name, think of someone with an iconic Mustache and then add testicular cancer awareness)

Here’s the Main website for people that want info or even want to start their own team:
Also, i would love to have you on my team if you’re into it. Just sign up under the team name then shoot me a comment here on my blog.
Yes, i know this is cheesy and i know most men look awful in Mustaches but this is for a great cause so get on board!
Here are two pics. one of me pre-shave and one of me post shaved. in a week or so i’ll post the first Mustache update photo….

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