The post where i find a bunch of pictures on the web and make fun of them…

Holy Crap! Uncle Bucks car went Mad Max!
I can hear women weeping all across America at this news
I know baby shit isn’t the most pleasant smell, but what the hell is she feeding that kid????

Sweet dreams people of the world….

Seems Legit. I’ll give him a buck just for being creative…

I could have guessed where in the U.S. this was taken even without the confederate flags…

I see someone lost their virginity…Congrats!

Do the Japanese do anything normal!?!?!?!? is this one of their new game shows?

Guys are falling in love with her everywhere as we speak. If there’s a beer fridge on the other side of the chair she’ll have 50 proposals by midnight

I can’t imagine why other countries think Americans are lazy…

Insert your own Cock joke here…wait, insert cock…lmao!

Apparently the Kardashians are even making halloween costumes now?

Why the fuck is his arm growing a midget????????

Anyone else just waiting for TLC to turn this into a reality how?

This dog may be taking photo bombing too far

If you need this sign as a warning, we should probably let you get eaten before you reproduce (with a human)

They HAD to know what they were putting on their sign, right????