Blowing off steam… Politically speaking…


I got a little angry tonight. See, i come from a conservative, deeply christian family. And because I’m a writer and an artist I have some very committed liberal friends. Me? I’m one of those annoying as fuck independents. It’s not that i can’t make up my mind, i just think both parties are full of shit and i refuse to openly support them.


Tonight I “hid” 11 friends and family members from my Facebook timeline because I was sick of all the political bullshit coming from both sides. I also vowed than in order not to be a hypocrite, I wouldn’t post anything even remotely political on Facebook, I would reserve it all for my blog. Lucky you, huh?


Here’s why I’m angry.

When people post political quotes or links or stories on Facebook it is almost always the most spiteful, hateful, pandering, mindless bullshit on earth. The fact that the people posting it can’t see through it astonishes me. Now I firmly believe that everyone has the right to free speech and their personal beliefs, but when this crap is posted on Facebook it’s shoved directly into the face of every one of their “friends”. And I also have the right not to have to see it.

And I actually don’t understand the point. Do you think if you post an article about how President Obama is a Muslim Marxist who simultaneously reads the Koran & The Communist Manifesto every morning, that people are suddenly going to switch sides? Do you really believe that people will cry out in shock and change their party affiliation if you post a news piece claiming Paul Ryan kills the elderly every morning and sprinkles their bones on his Corn flakes? And if people can be swayed so easily by such fear mongering bullshit, do you really, really want them voting? In fact if you think so damn little of their mental capabilities, why are you friends with these people?

I guess i don’t have an answer, I’m just done. I know who i’ll vote for in November, so from this point on i’ll turn off the news, Hide people on Facebook, throw away the newspaper, walk away from any political conversation and live my life.

Maybe you should do the same, i think it’s going to be pretty refreshing…


Oh yeah, i won’t be posting this blog to Facebook either, so i hope the three of you that read me enjoyed this….





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