The high cost of entertainment…

So I’m a big fan of the capitalism. While there are flaws, its overall the best system in the world. So usually i don’t split hairs when it comes to the cost of doing business. However a movie I watched today got me thinking about the entertainment industry.

I watched the movie Chronicle. For those of you that don’t know, it’s about a three teens that get superpowers. It’s not a superhero movie, it’s really not a popcorn movie, there’s some pretty dark material in it. But there are special effects, quite a bit. They are realistic, blended very well into the story and do not look even remotely CGI, which, let’s be honest, is still a curse word for many films. And here’s where I get to my point: The movie cost 12 million dollars to make. Seems like a lot? here’s some comparisons for you.

Avatar – $230 million

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 – $300 million

Spiderman 2 – $230 Million

Harry Potter 1 – $270 Million

Wow, makes that 12 million seem like chump change, right? So here’s my question: WHY? I cannot think of a single reasonable explanation for why it should cost $200 million to do ANYTHING, never mind make a movie. This makes me think. A few months ago SOPA and PIPA, anti-piracy bills were on the verge of being passed and they were widely supported by Hollywood studios. Why? well, because thier movies take $200 million to make. they need every single cent to cover their initial investments and MAYBE make a profit. But if it can be done so well for so much cheaper, why isn’t it? Lower costs making a movie would result in higher profits, wouldn’t they?

i can only conclude that the problem with Hollywood is the problem with Washington D.C.: Blind arrogance. The belief that only bigger is better and they know what we want better than we do. And yet when they fail over and over ( John Carter, Battleship) they just move on to the next project and build a bigger green screen. And we line up, stupidly handing over our $9-15 per ticket so we can be raped at the concession stand and then have our intelligence insulted over and over by people who are clearly out of touch.

I know that some of you will argue that movies like the Avengers, Avatar and Harry Potter make huge profits. Sure, but what’s a better profit? The Avengers making 1.3 Billion in profit on $250 million in investments or 1.3 billion on $50 million? And yea, that may be chump change in the overall scheme of that particular movie, but that move’s an anomaly and year after year movies fall flat on their ass, fail to make a profit, and Hollywood just blames the viewers. you.

My point? nothing really. It just some food for thought. Come to your own conclusions and make your own choices. I’m just another blogger with an opinion and a sap box.


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