The post where i make fun of random photos….

So, from time to time I find a bunch of weird, funny, slutty pics and try my hand at comedy. The results are usually so-so but luckily mediocrity has never stopped me before. So here we go again…. Enjoy!

And if you think you can do better…don’t tell me. Go get your own damn blog….

1. I know there’s a niche type of porn for everyone, but this may be taking it a bit far….

2. The woman who owns this bedroom will die alone. Luckily her fifteen cats will eat her body before it stinks too badly…

3. I don’t even know what kind of beer that is, but there’s definitely a tear in my eye right now….

4. The kid from Nirvana’s Nevermind cover never really moved on….

5. Every man seeing this just got a twitch in their pants….. Is this in the Olympics?

6. What the F*ck???? did i just take a hit off the bong? you see that too, right?

7.Gotta tell you sweetie, you are exercising the WRONG PART…

8. Do the Japanese do ANYTHING normal? have you seen their tv shows?

9. Apparently someone took the term dirty slut a bit to literally….

10.You see potatoes, i see 100 bottles of Stoli that will never pass my lips….

11. Anyone else think the lightning might have helped matters?

12. Nothing smartass to say, these people are awesome….

13. Oddly enough, the sequel to Donnie Darko just didn’t do well….

14. Really more true than anything else….

15. Come on People, even the Livestock likes soccer more than Americans do…..

16. That Russian  mail order brides website you’ve been looking for? yeah, this isn’t it….

17. Wow……..what a cute baby…

18. This guy really needs to learn how to tie a tie….

19. There is just no way this night ends well….

20. There was a tragic misunderstanding when her boyfriend said he & his friends were going to run a train on her….

21. Nothing funny about this woman at all, just needed to cleanse my palette after the guy with the nipple rings….

22. Sure, seems legit….

23. And the mom of the year is….

24. And oddly enough i’m still more scared of the clown….



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