More random goodness…or not, you decide

So i surf the web a lot. As you all may know, i use Stumbleupon quite a bit and spend way too much time on You Tube. While Surfing I “press” things for later entries into this pointless little blog of mine. Well, I’ve been sucking in the posting department lately, so here it is; I’m cleaning out my closet. Here’s all the crap I’ve saved for the last few months but haven’t shared. Enjoy! or don’t…whatever…


Beautiful Girls with tattoos HERE – Nuff’ said

The greatest Beer Fridge/Keg on earth…. Every man who loves beer NEEDS this

Sculptures Popping out of Wall Art – If i have to explain, we probably wouldn’t be friends in real life…

Funky Ass Song


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Dumbest woman on earth

A mortgage company that makes funny commercials

The kind of Animal video that makes people cry

A Bunch Of Completely Random Facts

Screw the Globetrotters, Watch These Guys Dunk


Cool Stop-motion video of someone getting a tattoo

Juggling is rarely cool…. This IS


31 pictures of insanely cute dogs


Ok, so that cleans out the archives. I’m going to try my best to get back to regular posting, themes, videos, etc… thanks to those of you that visit regularly…




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