Facebook, Awareness days and randomness…

So, some of you follow me on Twitter, some of ou follow me on Facebook and some of you follow me here. Si thought i’d put together a post that takes some of my recent stuff from facebook and twitter, as well as a few new thoughts and ramblings. Hopefully there’s something new for everyone. if not, screw it….

1. Why Mainstream Wall Street has it wrong: I think it’s common knowledge that Facebook went public on Friday. What may not be as well known is the article that the Wall Street Journal released on Friday suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg is not mature enough or respectful enough to be the CEO of Facebook. Their reasons? well, see there’s a bunch of suits that got their feeling hurt when the big Z showed up at their big corporate headquarters and didn’t wear a suit. Apparently Hoodie = Hoodlum. Wait, is it 1952? Here’s my guess. When Mark created Facebook it was in part because he didn’t want to work a 9-5, wearing a suit for the rest of his life, so he did things his way. And, while i doubt the overall longevity of Facebook, let’s pause for a moment in honor of MySpace, i think he succeeded pretty damn well. And now a bunch of  over 50 empty suits are pissed that he didn’t show up for their power lunches and play the game. Why would he? he beat them at their own game. The article ironically goes on to use Steve Jobs as an example. They say in the 90’s when we was fired from Apple it was because he was too young and too cocky, had no respect. What they conveniently forgot was that Apple almost went bankrupt without him and he came back almost the same person he left as and saved the company by being cocky and doing things his ow way. He wore a turtleneck to meet the president. Good call WSJ. The fact is, if Corporate America had thought up Facebook they would have run it to the ground by now. And since Facebook is officially worth 105 BILLION as of Friday, more than Amazon & Cisco, and made billionaires of several hundred employees of Facebook and  investors, I’d say that Mark can wear a hoodie whenever he wants. Their are as many scumbags in suits as there are in baggy jeans, and maybe we need to reconsider what makes someone respectable….

2. Random Twitter Posts:

– Just watched a man in his 50’s walk into a street sign because he was too busy staring at a girl who was 15yo max.sometimes karma is awesome….

– In an interview today Tom Hanks affectionately referred to Maurice Sednak as “Fabulously Cranky”… man, I want to be remembered like that…..

– If coffee didn’t exist, a lot more people would probably get stabbed….

– Serena Williams is putting out a rap CD….listen, ludacris isn’t putting on a skirt to challenge you in the US open

– The anti-Fracking rally/concert in Albany will feature Natalie merchant, Tracy Bonham & Joan Osborne. ?? Are they fighting Fracking in 1996?…

–  I’m checking twitter, not looking at you, & already told you I have no interest in the subject you’re talking about. where’s the problem?

feel free to follow me @glenwf130 i’m normally funnier & dirtier, i promise

3. And A few from Facebook:

– Wow, you’re wearing your mirrored aviator sunglasses inside the store, you must be a bad ass. Wait, nevermind you’re just a undersized douche bag with a Napoleonic complex…

– The men’s bathroom smells like a hot air balloon full of baby diarrhea exploded. Just thought I would share….

– To be in the world but never truly part of it, to walk busy sidewalks, seen but unnoticed, to be behind the lens but never in the Snapshot, to hear the whispered confessions all around you but never be the receiving ear, this is a beautiful kind of loneliness….

– Ran out of things to read in the bathroom, so i thumbed thru Amy’s Cosmo… Just an FYI ladies: 90% of the advice they give you is obscenely generic or just plain wrong. No wonder so many women are still single…

4. And now a few from Google+

…hahahahahahaha, that’s funny, Google+….anyway…

5. Awareness Days: Take a look at this website. Just for the month of May there are 38 awareness causes. That doesn’t include the awareness weeks and the awareness days in May. There are 31 days in may but there are 39 Awareness days…?????WTF???? This doesn’t even include the weird/Smartass days. So when does this get out of control and completely insane? i’d say about 78 causes ago… and why do we need a National Salsa Day? National Artisan Gelato day (not joking)???? Last month there was a National Star Wars Day. People need to get Fucking lives….

6. Dear James Hetfield: I realize what Metallica has given to music, i own most of your albums, but when you wear your own bands T-shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone, i kind of hate you. Please don’t be that guy anymore…..


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