Summer Reading…

Looking for some new books to read this summer? maybe some authors a little under the radar? Look no further, i have a few suggestions for you. These are all friends of mine (and me) so i can personally vouch that they are great people, great writers and great books, Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

1. The Snitch, Houdini and Me: Humorous Tales of Death-defying Childhood Misadventure by Johnny Virgil

Link to buy HERE

“Go Out and Play and Don’t Come Home until it’s Dark.”

Growing up in the 70’s wasn’t easy. No internet or smartphones, video games or HDTV — nothing but time to kill and the endless potential of a summer day. Only parental threats and a newly-developed sense of right and wrong could steer Johnny Virgil and his two younger brothers away from trouble…or directly into it.

Join Johnny on this hilarious and irreverent romp through his childhood as he recounts the stories that made him what he is today – an unimportant cog in a vast, corporate financial services machine. But he wasn’t always this way, and this book is proof.

 Booby traps, severed deer legs, runaway bulldozers, young love and pilfered beer — all this and more, brought to life by Johnny’s sometimes twisted, sometimes touching but always hilarious tales of suburban childhood. If you have kids of your own, these are the stories you don’t want them to read — unless you enjoy spending countless hours in the emergency room saying things like, “I don’t know how he got it stuck in there, just get it out.”
If you like to laugh even when it’s wrong and long to return to a more innocent yet treacherous time, this book will leave you wishing Johnny’s childhood had never ended.
2.Lucky Man By Ben Tanzer
Told from the points of view of four friends, Lucky Man is a quintessentially American tale of friendship, growing-up, and the role of luck in both (and everything else). Between the sex, drugs, death, and road trips, Tanzer’s first novel becomes a time machine back to the reader’s own youth.
3. Open Grave: The Book of Horror By Jeani Rector
Rick Evans doesn’t believe in ghosts. But that is about to change. Rick learns, too late, to be careful what he inadvertently invites into the world of the living through dabbling with occult games. Because what Rick invites is not so easy to uninvite. And that is just one of the stories out of Open Grave: The Book of Horror. Here’s another: A little girl escapes into the crawlspace, but what she finds underneath the house is worse than what she is running from. And more….This is a book full of scary tales that contains monsters, hauntings, demons, the Ebola virus, voodoo, lycanthropy and madness. From dark fantasy and pure suspense to classic horror, this book of nine stories and one novella is relentless in its approach to basic fears and has twisted, unexpected endings. So come and find out what terrifying things can creep out of an open grave to make your skin crawl.
4. Worlds Without End By Glen Feulner (ME!)
She is a nameless orphan, abused throughout her youth and imprisoned for the supernatural abilities she’s not supposed to have. On her 18th birthday, she uses her powers to escape and make a life for herself in a new world. When she witnesses the destruction of that world she moves on, unaware of the relentless evil forces following and the endless cycle of devastation she will endure

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