I Want My Joystick Back…

Dear Nintendo, Playstation & X-Box;

Knock it off. No, really, knock it off. I don’t want to “Just Dance”, I Don’t care to star in a “Rock Band” or be a “Guitar Hero” and I don”t want to be “Sports Champion”.

Wii Bowling? Keep it…

Here’s what I want.

I want to sit on my ass, sometimes for hours upon hours, with my eyes glued to the screen. I want my fingers to be the only part of my body moving. I want drool to form in the corners of my mouth as I watch Sonic The Hedgehog collect rings.

Don’t make him 3D…

Don’t make me physically swing a sword to make Zelda fight….

Don’t force me to steer my controller to make Mario’s cart turn….

Just let me play a damn game.

See, here’s the thing. I work 9 hours a day, i go to a gym, I volunteer at an animal shelter. So what I Don’t need is my video games to force me to run in place, jump, swing, punch, twirl or do ANY kind of dancing…

now, some people might, and I’m fine with that. But for those of that work hard, play hard and have a lot of responsibilities and maybe once in a while we want to sit 9 inches from our tv’s and go numb, please make some damn games we can mindlessly enjoy without our pulse rate breaking 100.


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