Shameless plugs…

So every now and then (when my blog is tanking) i decide to try a social media experiment (cheap grab for attention). Here’s what i do: i just write ( Suzanne Collins). I just write random things ( Pretzel M&M’s) and i throw in key phrases (The Voice) that people (twitter, Tumblr etc… ) may be talking about (Hunger Games) or doing web searches for (naughty nurses). So, yeah, i just ramble (Ashton Kutcher) about big things (Christina Aguliera’s ass), small things ( NBC ) happy things (Happy Endings) sad things ( Alicia Silverstone’s parenting skills), creepy things ( Steven Tyler ) and anything else that may draw people to my blog ( free money ). Dishonest (election 2012)? probably a little (Keith  Olberman), but i hope that people come here for one thing ( Nude Celebrities ) and maybe read one of my other blog Entries ( New NFL uniforms ). Then i post this blog ( 50 shades of Grey ) in every category i can think of ( Mad Men ) on WordPress and probably drive my fellow bloggers ( Game Of Thrones ) crazy. of Course keywords are important ( Jennifer Lawrence ) so everything in bold ( Weight loss ) also gets made into a keyword. Seems like alot of work (Caffeine ) for something that might bomb (terra Nova) right? well, it’s after midnight ( Magic hat beer ) and i don’t have much going on right this second (crack addiction ) so why the hell not (Whitney Houston ).

So if this is your first time visiting (identity theft ) i urge you (begging) to try out a few of my normal ( Oikos ) blog entries. You never know, you may enjoy me ( buy my books ). Also feel free to leave me some hate mail too ( Kim Kardashian ) if this just plain pisses you off ( gas Prices ).

Thanks for reading ( sorry)


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