Someone Please Nuke Detroit…

Here’s som fun facts about Detroit:

1. According to recent reports, Detroit’s unemployment rate is between 30%-50%

2. Detroit has had 76 murders in the first 3 months of 2012. they only had 69 in all of 2011

3. Detroit has over 90,000 abandoned, condemned or vacant houses

4. There are an estimated 50,000 stray dogs and over 65,000 stray cats in Detroit

5. 237,000 people have moved out of Detroit in the past decade. That’s 25% of their total population

Ok, there facts alone are not worth nuking the city, although they strengthen my case. No, the reason I’ve given up on Detroit is the following news article:

“Plans Move Forward For Robocop Statue in Detroit”

yup. If you clicked on the article title, you read right. In a city were crime is rampant, the population is fleeing in record numbers, animals run in packs on city streets and thousands of houses lie deserted, the people have decided the best use of their time is to raise money to erect a ROBOCOP STATUE in their fine city. If this is their priority, we need to level the friggin city and start from scratch.

this kind of stupidity makes me sick…..




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