Stumbling Along…Music Edition…

As always, my stumbling always comes back to my first love, music. This time around it’s videos. No, not normal boring music videos you can see any time, these are alot of covers and originals by people you’ve never heard of. They are the unknowns and rising stars out there showing their creativity. And even though i found their videos all over the web, i tried to link the You Tube versions, so if you like one thing by an artist, maybe you’ll check out more of their stuff and become a fan. Happy viewing…


Alot of people have done this before in one way or another, but i like the humor these guys put into it…

One Man Piano, Flute, Beatbox band….

Gotye – One of the mosst interesting musicians to come around in a while. Check out his new video

I’m not going to try to convince you Bass players are cool (we are) but maybe this video will change your mind

Violins, Piano’s and classical based instruments  + David Guetta cover = Awesome. Check out Aston doing their thing…

I like this Version of Katy Perry’s E.T. better than the original

Violin players covering System of a down..pretty damn cool…

Before they were on Ellen, Walk Off The Earth we rocking out on You Tube…

Before Karmin were performing so-so originals on Saturday Night Live, they were doing some awesome covers on You Tube….

Flute + Beatboxing? I’m in…

How about one more Walk Off The Earth track? (yeah i’m a fan)

The Grammy’s gave them some name recognition but The Civil Wars have been earning their fans for a while… here’s a fun billie Jean Cover

William Fiztsimmons is  a tragically underrated and unknown singer/Songwriter. Watch this NOW

Speaking of underrated, if you’re not listening to alternative radio, you probably don’t know Frank Turner. You Should

Grimes…Who? yeah, i didn’t know either till tonight, but she’s pretty interesting to watch. Cool stuff..



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