Please Don’t Vote…

Lately i’ve been angry.

Angry at the direction the election cycle has taken. I’m angry at the childish way that the republicans have chosen to treat each other, angry at the pathetically biased way the news media has tried to destroy every republican candidate, angry at the rhetoric and half truths coming from President Obama’s administration. It’s all so pathetic and childish and transparent and none of it helps our country in any way whatsoever.

Now from this point I could tear apart the republicans, the news and president Obama one by one, using clear arguments, facts and figures.

But it doesn’t matter, chances are you’ve already made up your mind, and no one likes having their beliefs challenged. I’m not going to be the one to get into a political pissing match with you. So et me just say this:

If the Huffington Post is your idea of  honest news…

If your idea of the Honest, unfiltered truth is Glenn Beck….

If you think Chris Matthews or Sean Hannity are journalists…

If Michael Savage makes perfect sense to you….

If you think Democrats are less rich or greedy than republicans…

If you think “The Blaze” doesn’t slant their news stories to the right…

If you think comparing Santorum to Hitler is honest politics….

If you think any attack against President Obama is racism…

If you think President Obama shouldn’t be president BECAUSE he’s black….

then please, please don’t vote in the next election. Because the truth of it all? it’s firmly in between both parties, neither of them have it right.

And if you can’t be bothered to educate yourself….

If you take your parties sound bites as gospel because it doesn’t challenge what you believe…

If you are willing to hate another person because of their beliefs…

If you think that freedom of speech only covers YOUR speech, not theirs….

If you allow the two political parties to lie to you without any repercussions, without forcing them to be honest or forcing them out…

Then you are the most dangerous person in America. It’s your stupidity and hatred that will destroy us in the end.

So please, stay home, drown in your own hatred and narrow mindedness.Whatever you do, please don’t vote….



One thought on “Please Don’t Vote…

  1. I dislike the misguided political rhetoric, the blaming of one side over another. Every side is culpable in whatever problem we have. I wish people would be more rational about this instead of letting emotions misguide them into ridiculousness.

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