Stumbling Along…Sexytime edition….

So in the past I’ve stumbled extensively about random sites, Done some stumbles about music, videos, politics… But I’ve never done one about sex. So here goes. and for those that still don’t know about Stumbleupon, HERE is some info.

*Warning* this post will straddle the PG-13 line. However there will be links that may lead you to some hard R content. There is no porn, no X ratings, but if your sensitive to this type of stuff (hi Family!) you may want to not click links or ignore this post all together. Don’t worry, I’ll let you slide….

The Great Wall Of Vagina: There, that got your attention, right? Right now in London there is an art gallery owned by  Brighton Body Casting. On display are the plaster molds of over 400 Vagina’s that have been “collected” since 2009. Check out THIS LINK to see video’s on what inspired the artists to do this, as well as take a virtual tour of the gallery….

Sex life getting dull? looking for some spice? well, HERE is a handy website that lists dozens of sex positions. It’s not video’s and not real people, its computer generated and very tame, so don’t get too excited…perv…

The Art Of The Accidental Penis: it’s actually exactly like it sounds. A gallery of photo’s of every day objects, that whether intentionally or not, look like penis’. There’s actually some pretty funny ones. check them out HERE

World Sex Records: Yup, it’s like the Guinness book of world records, but for sex. It’s amazing what you can be the “best” at…. Check it HERE

Ever wonder where all the single people are? HERE is an interesting article and map on where the highest concentration of single people in the U.S. are…so get packing!

Dita Von Teese: Dita is a modern-day burlesque dancer/performer, conjuring images or Jane Russell, Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe at their Naughtiest. Check out her site HERE

There’s always been jokes and innuendo about stay at home moms and lonely, unappreciated wives and their washing machines. Well, Dominic Wilcox seems to have decided to fill a void in a market i don’t think anyone knew existed. It’s basically a washing machine sex toy. Really. check it out HERE and try your best to imagine the non-pornstar person that would be comfy having this in their laundry room. Probably also doesn’t help that he named it the “Orgasmatron 3000”

The : For those of you wanting a sex-based social site, PEEQ is for you. Containing articles, photo’s, events and member posts, this is a great site for people who like to read about sex, talk about sex and express their sexual desires in a public arena. also has advice columns and humor. check it out HERE

Not sure what makes them experts, but here’s’s list of their top nine sex jokes.get your naughty laugh-on HERE

I find this one kinda funny. While stumbling through the SEX subject i was directed to THIS Wikipedia entry.

Well written little blog entry called “In Defense Of Sex” Enjoy….

Divorce: i was actually sent to several sites that talked about divorce, it’s depressing that divorce and sex are so closely linked. But on a funny note HERE is a (very Dirty) divorce letter that should make you laugh a little

And Lastly, here is an article titled “25 Things women don’t know about men”

So i hope you enjoyed my first Sex Stumble, I’ll probably do one again, but since it took quite a while to find links that weren’t just thinly veiled porn, it may take me a while….


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