Gay Vs. Straight…Weddings, that is….

So, besides my 1200 hobbies and side projects, my actual career is a Wedding DJ. I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years and i thoroughly love what i do.

Recently. as i’m sure you all know, Gay Marriage was legalized in New York. I’m fine with that for two reasons.

1. All people are equal and love shouldn’t be limited to strictly defined male-female categories.

2. It opens up an entire new section of clientelle for my business.

So today, with the Spring and summer wedding seasons fast approaching, i decided to list my business on as many gay/lesbian sites as i could. Now you may be surprised to learn that there are a ton of them, i was surprised by something else entirely.

See the average advertising costs on “Straight” sites are anywhere from $5.99-$14.99 per month or $25-$100 a year to list your service with them. The vast majority also have a free basic listing or a free trial listing.

The Average “Gay” site? well, the cheapest i found was $25 PER MONTH. i was unable to find a single site that offered a free basic listing or trial listing. The Average yearly price seemed to be around $150

Now i’m not cheap, but i’m usually not willing to shell out money for a web listing till i see what traffic is like and how well the site actually works. When i find a site to be good, i upgrade my listing and pay. Simple, right?

So here’s my point: Why are Gay/lesbian sites so unbelievably high priced compared to “Straight” sites? Here’s my theory. Greed. The owners of these sites know that the amount Gay/Lesbian weddings will be exploding in the next few years and they are set to capitalize on the action. And while i will never fault a business for trying to make a buck, i really think it’s stupid and counterintuitive to charge premium prices for basic listings and outrageous prices for premium listings. They are not only making small businesses like myself turn away, but they are failing to compete with other sites that have been established for years and offer larger services to customers AND vendors.

This would be like me raising my prices for Gay/Lesbian weddings because they’re suddenly going to be popular…

Most would consider this a pointless rant, but i simply hate the feeling i’m being shafted

And lastly, shamless plug:  If you live in Upstate NY and are looking for a DJ, check out Feulner Dj Service


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