SOPA & PIPA… make your voice heard today…


In case you are wondering why Google has blacked out their name, and why Wikipedia is blacked out and why even WordPress, the site that hosts my blog, has their main page censored, it’s all About PIPA and SOPA. If you don’t know what these are, here’s a blog i wrote a few days ago about SOPA. please check out the resources, do some homework and help support this fight…Losing this fight is the beginning of losing your freedom of speech on the internet.

You can send a protest letter directly to Congress through

Please also visit for more information on today’s protest, who’s participating and how you can help. There are some great links and info here.

Next, Here is a link to lists of companies/sites that are supporting PIPA & SOPA. Make sure you take a minute to show them how you feel.

People are always talking about history, the effect it has on the world, and the ramifications of letting bad things happen because we’re too busy or too lazy or too ignorant. This could very well be a defining moment in our generation. These are very dangerous bills that would give the Government unilateral power to control the internet and reduce our freedoms to that of China. No Democracy should have that power over it’s people. And remember, this isn’t a political issue in the traditional sense. this is supported by Liberals and Conservatives alike. you CANNOT depend on your “party” to represent you this time.

Lastly. if you are on Twitter, use #SOPASTRIKE all day today, let’s make it a #1 trending topic and force people to pay attention




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