Fight For Your Right…

Recently a cell phone company decided to institute a $2 convenience charge to pay your bill online. And the people responded. petitions started, phone lines were flooded and after the FCC threatened to investigate, the fee disappeared before it even started.

This is a perfect example of  standing up when you think you are being wronged. People called shenanigans and the corporation folded. This is the power of your voice. And while for a moment this gives me hope that people are becoming more aware of how things affect their lives, i worry that there’s an upcoming battle the people will take lying down. And that’s the battle for your freedom on the internet. First off is this frightening little article HERE It’s called “Dislike: How Facebook Can Hurt Your Credit.”

See according to this article, in the future, when cyborgs walk amongst us and flying cars and jet packs are a reality, Credit checks, mortgages and loans will involve giving companies the right to view you Facebook pages, Contact your Facebook friends for references and private information about you and even post on your page if you are late with payments. Wait…what?…oh crap…. Sorry folks, it appears that companies are already doing it NOW. Read the article for all the gory details. Go ahead, i’ll wait……. Back? Done? Good….  Here’s my point on this. This invasion of privacy will be common within five years if we don’t say no today. if you refuse to let companies do this to you and threaten to take your business elsewhere, it will never pick up steam. So when you sign any paperwork, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. READ. DON’T BE DUMB.

Of course that absolutely pales in comparison to SOPA.

Now this is where things get tricky. Because knowing about SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) involves doing a little homework, paying attention to current events and getting off your fat ass to do something about it. So to help you along HERE is a link to a page with over 15 articles on SOPA, including a general facts article. I really hope you go read this on your own, but to give you some basic facts that will hopefully encourage you to read more, here’s the Ten Cent tour of SOPA:

SOPA is a bill that is in the house, with a similar bill in the Senate. Both bills aim to stop the online piracy of movies, music and everything else with a copyright on it. On its face it might seem like a good bill, entertainment industries lose billions to online piracy. The problem is, the bill has vague and far reaching language that could stop the internet cold. See this bill  will give the federal government the ability to shut down sites that profit from or endorse online piracy or anything seen as a threat to the United States. You got that, right? that means this bill will give the Govt unilateral power to shut down anything on the internet that they consider a threat. This could include everything from my blog to YouTube to Twitter. it would also give them the right to block any overseas or offshore websites. Therefore any country that doesn’t like us, wants to bad mouth us on a blog or even on a state run website, well yeah, we’ll block them to “protect” United States Citizens. Lastly, it requires your internet provider to track the websites you got to and block them from your computer when they find any site breaking any type of copyright laws. Wonder where all that privacy information will end up.

If you don’t see the dangerous, slippery, slippery slope this puts  us on, please stop reading this, stop voting on anything except Dancing With The Stars and for the love of god please stop reproducing. But if there’s even a tiny part of you that realizes how bad this is, please read the articles and contact your elected officials, because this is gaining broad, bi-partisan support in both houses, so whether you are a republican or Democrat, this will affect you.

Think of it this way, five years from now the government could shut down the next Occupy Wall Street or Tea Party, wipe them off the internet because the elected officials in power at that time are threatened by freedom of speech that could cost them elections. No good can come of this bill, so please get involved.

I know I’m not the most eloquent blogger around, I don’t think I actually even qualify as a blogger, but the potential behind this bill scares me. Loss of freedom is not means to justify an end and in an election year we need to et our “representatives” know that this bill doesn’t represent the will of the people and it will cost them their re-election bids if they back this. You could get off your ass for $2, now how about doing it again for this. And Hey, Occupy movements, Maybe you should get behind something that could affect your cause, not just generic catchphrases and talking points. Try doing something that will actually make a difference.


3 thoughts on “Fight For Your Right…

  1. Well said. I live in Australia so know very little of why a lot of websites have been blacked out today. Your post has clarified this for me so thanks!

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