Belated movie review: Tiny furniture


So last year this movie, called Tiny furniture, was released. A LOW, low budget indie movie where the actress is also the screenwriter and the director. IMDB gives it 6.1 out of 10, which i guess should have been a warning. But micro bloggers and even some more mainstream magazines raved about the cleverness and emotion, it even took top prize at the SXSW film festival. So a year later, i happen to come across it on IFC and decide that hundreds of hipsters can’t be wrong, so i give it a chance….wow….awful. Just awful. Bad acting and a plodding script that seems to go so slowly it’s almost moving backwards. The “actress” conveys her depression and uncertainty by constantly walking around in her t shirt and panties and that’s about as deep as the plot ever gets. The people that inhabit this world are the absolute worst kind of people, fake british accents, hipster caricatures so overblown that south park could have written the characters with more subtlety and upper west side New Yorkers written like the most boring Gossip Girl extras ever.

Do yourself a favor, not only don’t watch this steaming turd, but smack anyone that recommends it.


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