Random thoughts….

“Oscar Bait” movies: I can’t watch them. I can’t watch movies put out by actors and directors whose sole aim is to get an oscar or golden globe nod. These idiots put out one movie a year, sometime between Nov & Jan and then expect us to believe it’s not a calculated move to be fresh in awards show voters minds? I would say that the general public isn’t that stupid, but honestly i don’t think they care. these movies usually barely break even, if that, and let’s be real, the Academy Awards are just televised verbal hand jobs from one hollywood insider to another.

Alex Baldwin: Speaking of wankers. Could this man be a bigger douche? first he gets kicked off an airplane, inconveniencing other passengers by ignoring rules that have been in place forever. Then, after being kicked off, he runs to Twitter to insult the intelligence of the flight attendants for doing their jobs, then insults the airline and for good measure throws a jab at Greyhound buses out of the blue. Then of course he gets to go on Saturday Night Live and have some fun. But even when he’s poking fun at himself, he still comes off like an arrogant prick. The only thing he forgot to do was kick a puppy and call his daughter a pig again….jackass

Apple Tee-shirts: Ok, I’ll say it straight out, I’m not an Apple  fanboy. While i am indeed currently typing this blog on a Mac, have owned an I-pod and am currently using a I-pad for a work tablet, I’m actually an Android guy. So it blows my mind when people will wait, sometimes days, in a line just to get a new phone. But now I’ve read about the height of stupidity. Waiting in line for almost 24 hours for a free T-shirt. Yeah, apparently every time Apple opens a store they give away a limited amount of tees with the store location on it. And people will wait to get one…hours….days….just so they can have a collectible tee to prove they’re the biggest Apple fan. You people make me sad. HERE is the article

Mens Health top 100 hottest women of all time: Madonna and Britney made the top 5 and jennifer Aniston was #1. I can’t even begin to show my confusion. Anniston beat Marylyn Monroe (#3) and Bridget Bardot (#75)???? Paris Hilton in the top 50????? Kim Kardashian in the top 30?????  Last year Askmen.com’s list almost gave me a migraine, but i think this may be worse. Check the list HERE and feel free to tell me if your head hurts as much as mine.

Subaru Commercials: I know a few people who have Subaru’s and i like them, they’re good people. But the current radio and TV commercials seem to portray owners of these cars as the super douche-y, super yuppie Ralph Lauren wearing tools that we all hated in the 90’s. Either Subaru is way out of the loop on who actually drives their cars, or my friends are the exception. Because I’d sooner have dinner with Alec Baldwin than anyone in one of the current Subaru commercials. ok…that may be a stretch, but not by much…

The one good cat in the world: A cat in Italy was left 13 million when her owner died. Now we all know how f**king ludacris this is, so I’ll just say this: I’m deathly allergic to cats, but i think I’d be willing to suffer through a few asthma attacks and ER trips to get my hands on this cats money. You can wear Oxygen 24 hours a day, right? Article HERE

Michael Jacksons Daughter now acting: Wow, that didn’t take long, right? a year after MJ’s death the family’s already getting the kids into the biz. Now say what you want, I’m actually one of those people who thought he was molesting kids, but did you ever notice how hard he tried to keep those kids out of the spotlight? he had a screwed up way of going about it, but it always seemed like show business was the last thing he wanted for his kids. But leave it to his family to leave no cash cow unexploited….

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy: It’s bad that she still gets to act. It’s pathetic that she gets to serve one day of a six month jail sentence because of “overcrowding.” It’s annoying that the tabloids can’t seem to stop reporting every move she makes. And it’s sad that in her mid 20’s she’s already resorting to Playboy in oder to stay relevant. But from a personal perspective it’s even worse that she does the entire shoot made up like Marylyn Monroe. Because despite the attention grabbing things Marylyn did in her day, she still did it with class. No one will ever think of Monroe as a Faux lesbian jewelry thief and drug addict that flaunted her complete disrespect for the law and humans in general. And no one will ever think of Lindsay as someone with class or talent or any type of moral compass or humility.

Overrated things: Adele. Yes it’s a decent album that  moved a lot of copies. But one good album doesn’t a legend make. So let’s give her e few albums and see where she goes before we start bowing at her feet…. this means you Rolling Stone. Seriously, crawl out of her ass….


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