Dear Republicans…

Dear Republicans,

Stop being morons. ok, did that get you attention? good.  Seriously though, stop being morons. I assume that all of you are pretty unhappy with President Obama, in fact less than 45% of Americans are actually happy with him. So why are you letting liberals, R.H.I.N.O’s  and crooked old school republicans hijack your election process? let’s review;

It all started with Sarah Palin. The Liberal media assumed that she would run for president and so they spent three months obsessing over her. They followed her wherever she went, dissected and criticized every word she said, and in general did everything they could do to make sure she wasn’t a viable candidate. Then, they jumped on the Trump bandwagon. It’s like the instructions on a shampoo bottle, “Lather, rinse, repeat”, because they did them same thing to Trump as Palin. Meanwhile you had legitimate conservatives announcing they would run for president, like Santorum and Huntsman. What did they do with the intelligent, well spoken, clean conservatives? they ignored them and marginalized them. So you did the same. You let a press with a biased agenda make your minds up for you instead of doing your homework, so you just sat back on your asses and watched the reality TV debacle that your election process was becoming. Media 1, Conservatives 0

Next it was Bachman. yeah, let’s be honest, in a world of 24 hour news and the internet, Bachman never really stood a chance, and to some extent she did it to herself. While i believe she is a lot more intelligent and competent than the media ever gave her credit for, she suffered from “loose lips, no filter syndrome” and a few gaffes killed her. Yes, the media put the final nail in the coffin, but she did hand them the hammer a few times. Yet you share the blame in this too, because you ignored the fact that she has about the same experience as president Obama did when he started running for president and actually had a few good ideas. And just to make sure that Bachman was totally forgotten, the press went after Gov. Chris Cristie full force, trying to destroy him before he could even think about running. Two birds with one stone. Media 2, conservatives 0.

And then there was Perry. Perry may have been your best hope. So the media went after him like a dog in heat. Once again part of th blame goes to Perry himself. If you don’t do well in debates, DON”T  DEBATE EVERY WEEK. Make speeches, go on TV shows, write papers and columns. Don’t expose your weakness right out of the gate. because, just like Bachman, you gave the media exactly what they needed to make you irrelevant. Media 3, Conservatives 0.

And while we’re on the subject of these debates. Why????  every debate has been the same, moderated by a liberally biased “journalist” and filled with infighting and accusations instead of talking about issues and showing how they would lead this country. The sheer volume and sheer stupidity of these debates has once again given a very serious, very important process a reality TV feel. so for that, Media 4, Conservatives 0.

Herman Cain…….I’m not even going to get into this. My one point to the mainstream media would be this; you’re hypocrites. you LOVED president Clinton despite that fact that he was an even bigger scumbag than Cain. HE GOT BLOW JOBS IN THE OVAL OFFICE. I’m not giving points on this one.

So now here you are. It’s December, the first Caucus is next month and you’ve essentially let the liberal media, as well as so-called republicans like Carl Rove, narrow your choices down to the two worst candidates in the entire pack. Mit & Newt….. really? this is where your process has gotten you? two candidates with a long history of middle of the road compromise, moderate leanings, flip-flopping and outright stupidity. And you expect one of these guys to stand out clearly and strongly against President Obama? I have to be honest, I don’t see it.

Final Score: Media 5, Conservatives 0

So pat yourselves on the back. Because despite abysmal approval ratings, civil unrest, walls street, the housing market, the financial market and the job market all in the tank, you may have blown your chance to change things. What happened to all that passion the tea party showed on 2010?  What happened to fighting for your cause and being informed? you dropped the ball when it was supposed to be most important to you.


One thought on “Dear Republicans…

  1. Good post. I just got an email from The Republican National Committee asking for $6 to help “Fight Big Brother Obama” and it also said something about stopping the democrats and their sleazy Chicago-style politics. It always makes me wonder who reads these emails (on both sides) and says “oh shit, I better send my hard earned $ right away!”

    The sad truth is that the majority of the country doesn’t care about politics or are fed up with the bs. Polling annoys me- 45% of Americans? Who did they ask and do they actually vote?

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