Stumbling…The Music Video Edition

So first off,  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I decided i’d mix things up a bit this week and do a music video edition. And since Mtv doesn’t show video’s and Mtv 2 doesn’t, and VH1 doesn’t…. i figured i’d show you some new stuff here. So here goes…

Florence & The Machine. She’s the most interesting female singer on the scene right now, and this video captures her odd charm very, very well.

You may know him as Troy on the NBC show Community, you may know him as Donald Glover Stand up comedian. But you should know him as Childish Gambino, his Rap name. Here’s the first single off his new album.

Call them Screamo, Post-Hardcore, metal…whatever. But if you like good hard rock, you should really give Thrice a chance. Here’s the first Song off their new (7th!!!) album

This Video isn’t super new, but Sleeper Agent are only just now getting the attention they deserve. And while they owe The White Stripes a huge name drop, they’ve got a really cool original vibe.

They may have moved a bit more to the pop mainstream with this album, but you simply can’t deny how good Safteysuit are with melodies. Here’s the new single.

Looking for more music videos? try these sites…


Vevo – –

80’s Music Video’s –

90’s Music Video’s –

Baeble Music –

And of course don’t forget YouTube has a ton of videos up, although you have to sift thru the covers and crap to get to them sometimes.

Lastly, i find alot of this stuff by stumbling, so check out Stumbleupon. It’s an actual fun way to get addicted to the internet


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