Stumbling along…11/19/11

So, my last few posts have been annoyed, mean-spirited, politically themed and in general not what you probably look for when you come to my Blog. So, without further ado, here’s my newest finds from Stumbling…and for those of you that don’t know what it is, check out Stumble Upon HERE.

Think you have some issues? Then check out  The Phobia List  I’m pretty sure this should give you a few dozen new things to be scared of….

From Flickr: fairytaleheart22’s Photostream. the username is so appropriate, because I want to write a fairytale about this girl. I think I actually might. Check out here photos (one below)

15 Awesome Pictures of Hedgehogs – ‘Nuff Said

Looking for a little flashback action? Miss the days when the M in Mtv meant something? Check out a ton of  80’s Music Videos HERE. More of a 90’s kid? we got you covered HERE

For anyone out there looking for some inspiration, or maybe a cure for writer’s block, here’s a site that talks about How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

I just really like this Pic….

Here’s an amazing photo series called Silent World by Michael Kenna (sample below)

Have you seen that commercial with the weird russian guy with the miniature giraffe? I think it’s Direct TV..Anyway, those miniature giraffes are actually real. Here’s a live webcam to a farm in Russia that breeds them. Really… you may have to check it out a few times, the giraffe wanders, after all, but it’s still worth looking at. Damn things are cute. Check it out HERE

For the photo geeks like me, you’ll be happy to know Kodak has a new Polaroid Camera. Check out the pic below and the article HERE

Cool video of a guy on a trampoline, worth a look. BUT…don’t even think about trying to make THIS an olympic sport. – A site dedicated to beautiful women and beautiful Tattoos. Worth a look or two or three….

Want to kill some time with some useless facts? ok, good. The try out The Amazing Fact Generator


Part Rapper, Part Spoken work artist, pure Talent. R.I.P. Eyedea


Cute overload!!!!!


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