You call it Black Friday, i call it disrespect…

Every year it happens earlier and earlier.

Christmas decorations show up in the same aisles as Halloween candy, in mid October.

Santa is in malls almost two weeks before thanksgiving,

Stores are consistently playing Christmas music almost a month and a half before Christmas day.

It’s never been a secret that’s retailers hate Thanksgiving. Besides grocery stores they don’t make any money off the holiday. They can’t market gifts or greeting cards, there’s no Thanksgiving tree to decorate and you don’t buy presents. I’m sure if they could figure out a single solitary way to market or exploit it, they’d suddenly love it. But despite their wish to skip right over the holiday, retailers have always recognized that Thanksgiving is a day that people spend with their families, and besides the Movie chains and some gas stations, the majority of businesses close. until this year.

You see, This year all bets are off. Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and Kohl’s are all opening at midnight on Thanksgiving night. In addition Wal-Mart announced plans to open its doors  at 10 PM then Toys R Us, not be outdone, followed suit, announcing it would open at 9 p.m.  If you do some basic math, this means that the average employee will have to be at work a few hours before the doors open to make sure the Black Friday specials are ready for the masses. This means that many people will have to be at work as early as 6 or  7pm, the time they would normally be spending with their families.

Now i’m a laid back person. I believe that there’s nothing wrong with making a profit, and i’m smart enough to know that most big chains and corporations only care about their employees up to a point. But this is different. What this shows is that these chains in particular have no consideration whatsoever for the people who keep their stores open and stocked and clean and running. Because you know the CEO’s and upper management that made this choice won’t be within a mile of their office or a store on Thanksgiving night. No, they’ll be sitting in front of a nice fire with their families.

I think this also shows a lack of respect for the general public, assuming they can throw a cheap Blu-ray player on sale and you’ll shop whenever they tell you to. I’m going to ask people to do something i’ve never advocated for before. I think all of these stores should be boycotted. And not just for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but the whole holiday season. Now i know this will be hard, Wal-Mart is the cheapest place around to get wrapping paper, tape, etc…. And i probably end up doing at least 30% of my shopping at Target. But i’m going to make a conscious effort to avoid them as much as possible. Because they don’t give a crap about my blog, so i’ll talk with my wallet too.

And Lastly, whether or not you Boycott them for the holidays is up to you, but if you are in line at any of these places at 9 or 10 or midnight on Thanksgiving, YOU ARE A BAD PERSON, And i truly hope i don’t know you personally or that i never find out. because that would equal parts break my heart and piss me off…


One thought on “You call it Black Friday, i call it disrespect…

  1. Ugh, I agree 100%. My cousin works in retail and has to work at the store starting at 10 pm on Thanksgiving. She says people are so rude to her, and it makes me sad thinking she has to put up with that. I don’t understand how people will be willing to wait in line for hours and hours on end just for discounted crap. I can sit for hours waiting for a show, but having to deal with a bunch of greedy people fighting over a discount? Hell no.

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