Occupy Wall Street, Celebrities & Common Sense: My Rant….

For the two years this blog has existed, I’ve steered clear of politics about 99% of the time. I’m a writer, a wedding DJ and a smartass, it’s not my goal to change your beliefs to mine. I respect that people feel differently than me and I also hope they respect my right to disagree with them. I’m not going to shove my opinion down your throat, I’m going to rant a little, put up links to funny video’s, pick  on dumb celebrities, post links I think you may enjoy and try to promote my books. But, having said that, I have to voice a few opinions about the “Occupy movement.”

I have a few big problems with what’s going on right now, and the first is respect, cleanliness and common sense. So here goes:

Occupy Atlanta: Tuberculosis has broken out at homeless shelters in Atlanta that are housing Occupy Atlanta protestors. I have two huge problems with this. 1. Tuberculosis is caused by unsanitary conditions. Now the news tells us that by and large the people at these occupy sites are college educated, smart people. So why are we letting conditions get so unsanitary that we’re getting a breakout of a disease that rarely sees breakouts in the U.S.? This is a very contagious disease with serious implications if not contained. 2. Homeless shelters? really? why are we allowing protestors to stay in homeless shelters? unless they’re actually homeless why aren’t they going back to their homes or hotels at night? So now we have people who don’t need a bed in a homeless shelter passing T.B. on to people who are actually homeless and in need of help. Smart…..

Occupy Oakland: They’ve shut down the fifth-busiest container port in America, burned warehouses, constantly clashed with police and tried to prevent police from investigate crimes, including a shooting. They’ve refused to leave illegal encampments, starting riots instead.

Occupy Burlington: When a man committed suicide in a Occupy encampment, protestors refused to help police find the tent or identify the man. They even initially tried to block the police from entering the camp. The city of Burlington over the weekend finally forced the  protestors to tear down their camp and leave the park, citing hazards. Quote:  “These hazards include but are not limited to blood, used condoms, broken glass, and other sharp objects,” said Burlington police chief Michael Shirling. “The Parks Department needs to fully clean and perform maintenance on the south side of the park before it can be re-opened to full public traffic.”

Occupy Dallas, Wall Street & Cleveland: in each of these  cities rapes and assaults are on the rise. Although they outright deny it, rumors have been circulating for over a week that protest organizers and protest security have tried to discourage victims from reporting these crimes, attempting to deal with it themselves. They have even openly admitted to a policy of “chasing off” offenders and potential offenders instead of reporting them to the police. Occupy Wall Street and Dallas have even put up large communal sleeping tents for women, who increasingly feel less safe at night.

Yeah, I know, I’m bringing up the worst of the worst. But in an age of non-stop internet access and 24hr news channels, these are the things that are drawing attention. And to be honest, I agree that they should. Where are the women’s rights organizations, who should be outraged by the handling of sexual assaults??? Where is the department of health and why aren’t they taking a firm stance on completely unsanitary conditions that are literally breeding disease??? Where are our political leaders speaking out against the violence that’s getting worse every day? Well, there’s an easy answer to those questions: Politics. No politician is going to reach out and piss off the groups that can hurt their re-election process, and no non-profit organization is going to risk alienating their donors, so instead they keep silent in the face of Violence and disease.

And to those of you at these occupy locations, WTF? do you really think that any of this helps your cause? Imagine how much further along you would be if you were clean, respectful and conscious of your fellow-man. Whenever a protest lowers itself to violence it loses the support of the American people. And since you are supposed to be representing the 99% maybe you should be conscious of them. Stopping shutting down businesses and taking advantage of people. it will go a lot further to getting people like me to actually listen to your message and not just shake our head at your actions.

At Some point i know someone told you this, but I’ll remind you again: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

My Next big issue with all of this? Celebrities. Here’s a few quick tidbits:

Michael Moore Net Worth: 50 Million

Yoko Ono Net Worth – $500 million.

Russell Simmons Net Worth – $325 million

Kanye West Net Worth – $70 million

 Alec Baldwin Net Worth – $65 million

Susan Sarandon Net Worth – $50 million

 Nancy Pelosi Net Worth – $35.5 million

-Russell Simmons Owns his own Debit card Company

– Kanye West wore a $300 t-shirt on his visit to Occupy Wall Street.

My Point? you fucking hypocrites. If anyone in the country has benefitted from our current system, it’s you. Where the hell do you get off opening your mouth? You want to show your support, prove you believe in the cause? then how about you open your wallets and give away 70% of your net worth to people less fortunate that you? you’ll still be in the top 10% of the richest americans. Oh, wait, does your support of this cause only extend to bankers and business owners?

And while, as a rule, i hate actors pushing their opinion on everyone, i have to give grudging respect to Brad Pitt. When hurricane Katrina struck, he was the one who kept his mouth shut and raised millions instead. And let’s not forget he’s adopted every orphan in the world. So i also have to show respect when, after being questioned, and initially showing his support of Occupy Wall Street, made the following statement:

“And so the most important thing is really, not just getting swept up in the fervor of a fight, if you’re feeling marginalized and frustrated, sometimes the release of a fight can pacify for the moment,” Pitt continued. “But beyond that, really understanding the details, really understanding the systemic problems, and you can’t stop there, really looking for solutions. And if you’re going to say one guy’s bad, you’ve got to back it up with this is how we fix it.”

well, at least one over paid actor gets it.



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