63 Channels Is Back!!

Did I get your attention with that misleading headline? Good!

For those of you that play along at home, you probably know 63 channels was my arts magazine. It ran for almost a decade and featured some of the most amazing writers, artists, photographers, musicians, columnists and guest editors a guy could ever wish to work with and feature. Well, a few months ago I finally said goodbye to 63 Channels after it became abundantly clear I was in over my head. I simply couldn’t keep up anymore and it was deeply affecting my personal writing (so if you hate me here on WordPress you can blame the demise of 63C). So I said goodbye, which felt a bit like losing a loved one, to be honest. But there was one thing I couldn’t leave behind; the name. See, I had the domain locked down for 5 years and was only about three months into the renewal. So what to do….

Well, after not a lot of thought and very little hand wringing or soul-searching i decided to turn 63 Channels into my personal website, which is what I originally meant it to be all those years ago, before I gave in to illusions of infiltrating the upper ranks of the arts publishing world (P.S. I failed).

So here it is, 63Channels.com the new website for all things Glen Feulner. Here you’ll find info on my books, samples of my poetry, copious amounts of my artwork and photography, links to the blog you’re reading right now, and of course my online store, where you can buy my books, prints of both my art and photography as well as buttons, magnets, coffee mugs, tee-shirts, mouse pads and everything else I felt like putting my designs on. I’ll also at some point be adding an events page where you can find out when I’m reading as well as some of my good friends who deserve your attention and probably a links page…See what I’m doing? this is how it started last time…. must…be…more…selfish…

So check it out if you have a sec, browse around, maybe buy a book (Hint,Hint) or just sign my guest book. I figure if I keep this going till I die, maybe my loved ones will make some cash off it when my post-mortem fame kicks in….


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