Kim Kardashian’s Mistake…..

We all know that the Kardashians are quite possibly the most over exposed people in America, if not the world. They kind of make you yearn for the days of John & Kate +8 or the Octomom. Somehow, pathetically enough, looking back they all seem to have more pride and class than the Kardashians. But we seem to be stuck with them, and with the recent wedding debacle, Kim is in a new magazine. The title on the cover is “My big mistake.” Now, i refuse to read this article, mainly because it’s about a Kardashian, but also because US Weekly is one of the biggest scumbags of the scumbag tabloids. So even though I opted to skip this article I’m still a little curious. What exactly does Kim consider her big mistake? So, here is my list of Kim’s possible “big” mistakes.

1. Marring and then quickly divorcing  music producer Damon Thomas

2. Making a sex tape with Ray-J

3. Posing nude for Playboy

4. Starring in, not one, not two, but three “reality” shows that are all basically about how spoiled, whiny & rich her and her two sisters are, how insane their mom is and how zombie-fied Bruce Jenner is…

5. singlehandedly rendering the word “reality” useless

6. Attempting to act in such high quality films as “Disaster Movie” and hosting Wrestlemainia

7. Dating Reggie Bush

8. Posing nude for Vanity Fair magazine

9. Attempting a singing career (video HERE )

10. Using Botox before the age of 30

11. having her ass x-rayed to prove it’s real and not implants

12. Maybe her ass itself is the BIG mistake?

13. having no shame, pride or self-respect

14. wearing so much make up on the cover of this magazine that her head actually weighs three pounds more than normal

15. Marrying  NBA player Kris Humphries

16. having afore-mentioned $17 million dollar wedding sponsored and paid for by E! and various advertisers

17. Making a deal with E! to do a reality show about her married life and then….

18. Getting divorced after only 72 days

19. Having a voice so grating and a vocabulary so limited that you actually lose IQ points every time she opens her mouth

20.  Getting Sued by the creator of “The Cookie Diet”, pissing of PETA, being investigated for being involved in a prepay credit card that scammed it’s users….

Sadly enough i probably missed 12 or 1300 more “big mistakes” but researching this little rant has actually given me brain cancer so I’m going to end at 20…..

I think, when all is said and done there’s really just one thing to be said…


Dear Kim,

you are really just a bad person


The World


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