Stumbling along…..11/7/11

Stumble upon has made off with a large chunk of my spare time, so i thought i’d share some random findings with you once again…..

Ok, so i thought i’d go against my normal themes and start with a positive story about a blind dog and her seeing eye dog. yes, really. great story HERE Pic below

Some unbelievable pictures from a erupting volcano… check them out HERE as well as the pic below

An Ode to a booty call – “Red Light” by Gabriel Gadfly .

The title of the video is “people are awesome.” i think it’s more along the lines of “People manage to not die while doing some crazy shit”

This is a french fry holder for your car. really? have we truly gotten this fat and lazy? and a dip tray for your katsup? yeah, that’s exactly what we need people worrying about while driving….

Stumble upon seems to consistently bring me to the music site baeblemusic. It’s a really great site if you’re into acoustic and live performances from some of todays best indie bands. In no particular order, here’s the links to some of my favorite performances so far.

Ellie Goulding live video at The Bowery Electric on Baeblemusic.

Mat Kearney live video at The Rooftop on Baeblemusic.

The Naked And Famous live video at The Bowery Electric on Baeblemusic.

Two Door Cinema Club live video at Rockwood Music Hall on Baeblemusic.

You may know him as Troy on Community, but Donald Glover is also a Stand up comedian, a writer (formerly 30 Rock) and a rapper. HERE is the video for his new single and it’s worth checking out…


Picture of a hot girl with tattoos. Just because….


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