Thoughts, links and pics for the week 10/28….

The McRib – The McRib is back at McDonalds and i’m McThrowing up in my mouth just McThinking about it. I really, really just don’t comprehend how people can eat this. Of course i get sick when i eat pretty much any McDonalds food, but seriously, who is that market for this crap?

Speaking of vomit in my mouth, Lindsay Lohan has struck a deal to appear nude in Playboy. They better count the thongs and camera lenses before she leaves…. HERE is a really funny list of what the photographer should expect from Lindsay

Extreme In honor of Halloween, here’s a site of some sick pumpkin carving

Kids Halloween costumes – Some cute pics here. like this one:

Just a Poem – Come Back.


Cool band. Worth a lookPINN PANELLE- The Band’s Official Website.


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