A few quickies….

My Registry.com : In the past it’s been a site for registering for your wedding. Fine. But this year they are rebranding themselves as a site to post your christmas wish lists. Really? if you’re old enough to use registry.com, should you really be posting a christmas list? Listen you greedy F**k, i hope you either get herpes or coal for christmas…..

Esquire goes blind: Esquire names Rihanna as the sexiest woman alive. Really? sexiest? Hey Esquire, do us a favor, set up a Christmas wish list on MyRegistry.com and let us know how many pairs of bifocals, glasses and sets of contacts it will take for your entire staff to see again. And even ignoring looks, there’s a thing like personality, confidence and intelligence that make someone sexy. But apparently you just really like a hot ass in your offices….

Dressing up your dog: DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. MALE DOGS SHOULD NOT BE DRESSED IN PINK. DOGS ALREADY HAVE A COAT ON….now run along and die please…


One thought on “A few quickies….

  1. Christmas lists? Ughhhh. I had a coworker whose college-aged daughters started sending him wish lists in September, and they were chock-full of designer items. That’s just disgusting to me.

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