Social experiment or shameless self promotion? yeah…i know….

(Tip: The first time your read this, skip all the red words)

So i did this a few months ago Lady Gaga and it was kind of funny to see what Glee sucks search keywords drew people to my site. So i peppered a relatively boring X-factor post with the names of random shows, actors Brad Pitt and bands and sat back to see how many people Twitter care about theses particular Charlie Sheen Words. On one hand it’s an interesting Twilight exercise to see exactly what people really look for nude celebrities while they’re on the net, but let’s face it, it’s also shameless promotion for my national coffee day blog, since all of these keywords red sox will lead people to my blog and maybe they’ll stick around  Andy Rooney and read some of my real blogs. If I’m really, really lucky maybe somebody will check out my books HEREAnd if they don’t well, then i get some cheap, over-inflated stats for a day or two and Brennin Hunt then I’ll have to think of a real blog post Jessica Rabbit. So if you found me through this cheap ploy for attention Herman Cain, stick around, I’ve actually probably blogged about most of these things at one time or another Halloween costumes and you might like me after all.    






Lastly, i choose to blame this blog on the fact that it’s my day off, it’s pouring out and so i can’t go to the animal shelter and walk the dogs….







3 thoughts on “Social experiment or shameless self promotion? yeah…i know….

  1. i actually found this post under the “photography” tag and it made me laugh so i had to read all of it.
    best of luck in your writing!

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