Stumbling along: Favorite places on the web 9/4/11

Another night of Stumble, another new batch of sites, pics and videos for you. Hope you Enjoy. To start things off, here’s a random piece of street art.

Pure. Tattoo. Sexiness. If you love tattoos, this gallery is amazing. Click this link: Tattoo Brighton.

1000 journals – Splash.  1,000 Journals project. Thankfully keeping the written word alive and thriving

Animaris Umerus walking – June ’09 on Vimeo on Vimeo    This Guy must have alot of spare time on his hands, but it’s still a pretty awesome piece of moving art.

The new video for the newest single by Florence & The Machine. Mindblowingly good

Dark Shopping       Into Goth? This site has some cool links to some dark places on the net

Tell you what, if it saves the medium of poetry, i’m 100% in love with this idea   Really awesome pictoral of  forgotten parts of Detroit

Street Art by French artist Oakoak A Collection | Amazing Photography.        Just some cool Graffiti…


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