The revolution has already been tweeted…nerd

I was a geek as a kid. There, i said it. And you’re unimpressed. I understand why, geek today doesn’t mean today what it meant in the 90’s or 80’s. Being a geek in the late 80’s/early 90’s was actually a bad thing. It meant the music you liked, the books you read, the movies you loved, your comic book collection, all of that was fodder for the “cool” kids to make your life hell. You were an outcast because you were different than everyone else. Now? now things are different. Want to know what todays biggest badge of honor is? it’s being different.

That comic book collection you hid when you were a kid? yeah, they’re all $200 million grossing movies now. And comics in general? Three words: San Diego Comicon. Not only is every comic publisher in the world there, but you have every major studio pimping every movie, tv show & video game that falls even remotely close to  Sci-fil or comics. Anyone want to even try to explain to me why the cast of Fox’s House had a panel at Comicon?

Music. Come on, music is safe, there will always be bands that only geeks like, you say. And to a small extent you may be right. But let’s look at this. Metal in the 80’s & 90’s was officially outcast music. If you listened to Iron Maiden or Metallica, you were the freak. Now? A few weeks ago i went to see In Flames & Trivium, two of todays biggest metal acts. And yes, of course there were “metal kids” there, all dressed in black and ready to mosh. You know what else there were? Frat boys. tons of them. Sitting at the bar guzzling Pabst Blue ribbon (yup, frat beer as the special at a metal show), with their hats turned backwards, or out on the floor head banging right along with the kids they probably tried to beat up in high school. The division is gone, even if the memories remain. And that indie band you love, the one you put on every mix tape? yeah, they’re in the new Toyota commercial. Unless you listen to the sub genre of the sub genre of the sub genre, there’s a pretty good chance the tragically preppy cheerleader two lockers over is listening to the same thing.

Movies & Tv. Surely those are sacred right? Let me answer a question with a question. Is Dr. Who still “cult” if a late night host has one of the shows props on his desk? Is Stars wars still sacred after those sequels? or after documentaries and films have been made about the fans of Star Wars? How about the highly rated Star Wars Cartoons? The Family Guy & Robot Chicken spoofs? Darth vader masks in car commercials? yup.

What about books? in an episode of friends, Chandler quotes Lord Of The Rings. Joey responded back with “i didn’t read those books in high school, i was too busy having sex.” A few years later three movies came out and made 18 gazillion dollars, Launched the careers of a dozen or so actors and led to prequels. The Chronicles Of Narnia Series is on a similar but slightly smaller path, and almost everything Phillip K. Dick ever wrote, including a shopping list, either has been or is about to be turned into a movie. George R.R. Martin? Yeah, Game of Thrones is the biggest cable show of the year. Along with Walking Dead.. which is based on a graphic novel series….

Tattoos? you’re kidding right? every gum chewing coed has at least a tramp stamp at this point, and now there’s even softcore porm dedicated to tattooed women. Once upon a time a heavily tattooed girl was rare and shocking. Now if you have a butterfly tattoo on your foot, a nose ring and you’re not afraid to show your tits, you can be a Suicide Girl. Find me a college guy without a “tribal” tattoo and i may die of shock.

Protests and revolutions are now planned on twitter & facebook. BBM might have helped overthrow the goverment of Egypt. But when i was a kid, a computer was a flashing neon sign demanding someone give you a wedgie. Our President announced his re-election campaign on social media, web based shows have their own awards ceremonies, multiple networks have tv shows dedicated to things that happen on the net, and bands have launched multi platinum careers off of YouTube videos. Hell, i blog about everything that pops into my head, and when i have nothing to say? i repost things that other people do or say.

So what’s next? What’s underground? What’s revolutionary? it might get to the point where the biggest freak in the world is the average middle class guy that has no tattoo’s or peircings, Doesn’t use a smartphone, twitter or Facebook and makes friends by having real, face to face conversations.

So what’s my point? nothing really. it just never fails to amaze me how much everything changes. Maybe it’s time to sit back and take a moment to sit back and appreciate how far we’ve come. And if there’s something you don’t like? Change it. Start a new revolution. And Tweet me, you know i’ll have my Droid nearby…. probably posting on google+ about the cute girl wearing the “I love nerds” T-shirt

(p.s. as i write this i’m listening to the unsigned indie band “Former Belle” on my Skull Candy headphones and typing on my Mac. That must make me a cool, indie geek again, right?)

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