Why i Unfriended/Stopped Following/blocked/ Pulled you out of my google circle, etc….

If you want to hatefully blame the Tea Party for the current economic troubles

If you hatefully insult politicians and their families because you don’t like their politics

If you are unwilling to admit that your own political party is just a screwed as the other

If you hatefully put down gay couples that simply want to be able to marry in NY (or any other state)

If you make narrowminded assumptions on religions based the acts of a small few, whether it be christians, jews or muslims

If your hatred of President Obama has more to do with his skin color than his policies

If you want to portray everyone that disagrees with president Obama’s politics as a rascist

These are among many reasons that i’ve removed people from my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts lately. Our Country is falling apart around us thanks to both political parties and shoddy journalism from both sides. There is a complete lack of respect and self control permeating from everything. I deal with people during the day that are selfish, demanding, arrogant, ignorant and just plain stupid.

You have every right to ay what you want and think how you wish, but after being assaulted all day long by the media and the general population, i refuse to come home and deal with your hatred and small mindedness staring from the pages of my social media. So go peddle your bullshit somewhere else, because i have no use for it here.


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