5 Songs you might be surprised i like…

I’m a pretty eclectic music lover. As a wedding Dj i have a collection that verges on absurd. However, you might be surprised t some songs that i really love. So here’s my Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

1 Nickel Creek – A lighthouses Tale: A bluegrass song about a lighthouse with a tragic story? sign me up! with beautiful harmonies, accomplished playing and a tale to rival a greek tragedy, I think Nickel Creek got it perfect with this one.

2. Ellie Goulding – Wish I Stayed: This is pure pop goodness. While everyone seems to be brainwashed by Gaga, Ke$ha & Britney, Ladies like Florence & The Machine, Lykki Li & Ellie Goulding are the ones making music worth actually listening to.

3. They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul: Has there ever been a quirkier band? probably not. And in the long list of very, very quirky songs they’ve written, this one is my favorite. For me it’s impossible to be grumpy when this song is playing.

4. The Hollies –Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress: Lets firget the beatles, Stones & Zeppelin for a minute. Back in the 60’s & 70’s some of the greatest band were

coming from bandslikethe Kinks & The Hollies. This song is just pure classic rock goodness, full of soul and power.

5. The Cardigans Feat Tom Jones- Burning Down the house: Yep, a Talking Heads Cover. Yep, the band that sang “lovefool.” And yeas, THAT Tom Jones. Just for pure audacity, effort and energy this song deserves honorable mention. But here’s the thing. It’s actually kind of awesome. Check it out for yourself

Ok, your turn. let me know what your favorite Guilty pleasures are.



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