A goodbye letter…

Nine years ago, 63 channels was the name of my personal website. It contained 4 pages of my poetry, a profile, and nothing more.


Then something happened. Someone i knew asked me to put their work up for them. So i created a new page and i guess, when you boil it down, that’s what started it all.


Years have gone by now, and the site has been through monstrous changes. We’ve grown from that tiny little personal site to a website that logged in at over 100 pages, averaged more than 200 submissions a week and landed interviews with up and coming writers and rocks stars alike. We launched a successful five year “experiment” that resulted in 10 print issues, collaborated with The Art Conspiracy on five years of Art & Poetry Calendars and even created (and sold) some cool Merchandise. Over the last year 63Channels has struggled though. Between server issues and crashes, an increasing attention on my own writing projects and a dwindling pool of submissions, it’s become harder and harder to put out new issues. And with the most recent issue having been released over a month late, it came time to make some hard choices.


63 Channels has been a big part of my identity for the last Nine years, and i have to admit it’s emotionally painful to write this announcement. So it is with a sad and heavy heart that i’m announcing the end of 63 Channels. Effective sometime in the month of August the website will be shut down and 63Channels.com will once again direct you to a personal website dedicated to my writing and art. In addition, the submission email address (submissions@63channels.com) will be shut down as of August 30th.


I want to take a moment to thank all of you. I have had the incredible good fortune to read the work of some absolutely amazing writers and have made some good friends over the years. It was all of you that kept me going for this long, there is so much talent that needs to be exposed and i am honored that so many of you put your work in my hands.


Good luck with all your writing endeavors, and if you wish to keep in contact with me on a personal or collaborative basis, please send me an email before the end of August so i can direct you to my personal email address.


Glen W. Feulner

Editor, 63Channels magazine


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