Dear Internet, you are awesome (and awful)…

It’s been a while since my wandering mouse found morsels of internet goodness (and badness) to consume and share with you. But, like a case of Herpes we’re back. So here’s some things to Enjoy, mock and frighten you… have fun!

My dad sent me this link. Really….

An oldie but good..wait..friggin odd.. clip of Christopher Walken reading the 3 little pigs in a Cosby sweater 

I love Alison Brie from Community. And now i love here even more  New spread from GQ magazine HERE



Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake: The History of Rap Pt. 2 HERE


So you grew up as a Nick at Nite kid? love you some Clarissa Explains It  All, huh? Well, Nickelodian has apparently heard your stoned musings and decided to bring back the 90’s from midnight till two every night with Clarissa, Doug, Keenan & Kel and much more. Check out THIS LINK for details, set your DVR and get your Stimpy-Shaped bong ready!


Half Donkey, Half Zebra, fully weird but awesome 


Wow, it’s like Sam Elliot and a monkey had a love child


Great video from an up and coming rock band, Around The World And Back. The first single off their new album. Enjoy!


And lastly a really horrible video you should be pissed that i posted







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