Gay Marriage, Jackass, The Voice & other random thoughts…

Ok, so I’ve been slacking lately…alot. So here’s some fresh stuff for you.

1. Gay Marriage in New York: The property tax cap debate is still looming, rent control laws that could affect millions of people are about to expire at midnight, 9,000 state employees might be laid off at any moment if we can’t find a way to save 2 billion dollars and todays the last day of the legislative session. Is this really the time to  be obsessed with the gay marriage bill? I believe in equal rights, i support the ability for same-sex couples to have the same rights as straight ones and i believe this is an issue that needs to be taken up sooner than later but lets move anger,religion,  personal emotions and political agendas aside and get something done in this god-forsaken state to keep it from burning to the ground. New York is on the verge of disaster, let’s not play the gay rights  fiddle so loud that we don’t notice the flames…

2. Ryan Dunn of Jackass: It’s always sad when anyone dies, i think we should mourn the death of pretty much everyone (not you bin Laden, get back down to hell)  but the only surprising thing about Ryan Dunn dying is the fact that he’s the only one from Jackass to die so far…Actually, equally surprising is how he died. As my friend Brooke put it  “I’m surprised he died in a car accident and not in a lion’s den while wearing a meat suit or something.” Remember Jackass guys, if Steve-o can get his shit together, the rest of you really have no friggin excuse.

3.Movie Critics:  Everytime all the “critics” in America trash a movie, i always hope it becomes a massive hit…if you hate movies you probably shouldnt be reviewing them..remember, Ryan Reynolds wasnt the jock that beat you up in high school and having FUN at a movie is a good thing. To be honest, i probably won’t see Green lantern, but i hope it makes a trillion dollars just to shut up every preconscious windbag in America

4. The Voice: besides the fact that i like it, i have nothing to say about it. Just fishing for search engine hits. Sue me  = )

5. Stanley Cup: Thank you to the fans of the Vancouver Canucks for acting like neanderthals  and rioting after your team lost. Thanks for giving hockey fans a bad name. Well, at least we can try blaming it on them being Canadian…

Burst of Random ThoughtsHave you ever wondered if your dollar bills have been in a strippers panties? Bet you wash your hands after that next shopping spree…. With the new season of True Blood looming, my girl has been catching up on episodes. Watched a few minutes with her, and GOD THAT SHOW IS AWFUL… Part of me is a little sad that the wiener jokes are over. When was the last time mainstream media was this much fun???….


One thought on “Gay Marriage, Jackass, The Voice & other random thoughts…

  1. Hey, it’s Vancouver eh, the lower left corner where all the fruits and nuts rolled to…errrr…that was very pc of me was it? Ah well lifes a bitch, get over it.

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