Ukulele’s are cool, just like bowties…

Much like the current Dr. Who has made bowties cool again, Suddenly Ukuleles seem to suddenly be everywhere. Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) recently released an amazing album of Radiohead covers, all done on the Ukulele and now Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) has released his own album of Ukulele Ditties. Add Mumford & Sons and The Avett Bros. occasional use and there seems to be a trend. Based on two people with such high levels of coolness, plus two very buzz-worthy new bands, I hereby declare that Ukulele’s are cool.
Any other Ukulele gems out there i should know about?





One thought on “Ukulele’s are cool, just like bowties…

  1. I think you are right.
    I saw this tweet on twitter:
    “@risenet Overheard at Rise: “Wanna see my ukulele?”
    and was just compelled to Google the words:
    “Ukuleles Are Cool.”

    I thought, “Hey these people are cool. They have ukuleles in the office.” So therefore, I must think ukuleles are cool. Well, okay, I had previously been to Rise Creative Group’s website and already knew they had a high cool ranking. But now here they are – mentioning ukuleles – maybe it’s a chicken and the egg thing on what made me think ukuleles were rising in coolness… hmm…

    Either way. Ta Da! I found your blog starting “Ukulele’s Are Cool…”

    There is a trend.

    (Now to check out the bow tie thing…)


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