Fresh Issue of 63 Channels Now Available!

Well, it’s spring and that means that 63 channels is feeling fresh & frisky, so we’re bringing you an all-new issue!

Featuring all new Poetry, Fiction & book reviews, this is the place to kick off your summer reading. Special thanks to all the writers & artists that contributed to the new issue, as usual 63C wouldn’t exist without you.

You May notice when you visit the site, 63C has gotten back to basics. We will no longer feature Music reviews, Concert reviews, Columns or a links section not related to writing. Submissions in these categories were sporadic at best and getting harder and harder to maintain. So it’s back to what this site was made for, Poetry, Art, Fiction, Book reviews and writers resources.

On another note, we would also like to announce that we are retiring the 63 Channels Print issues. After 5 years and ten issues it’s simply become too much to maintain on top of the online issues and our own personal writing projects. We’re extremely proud of what we accomplished during the 5 years and we’ll leave back issues available for sale for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all of you the contributed to those amazing issues. 63 Channels online issues will continue on a quarterly basis.

So please enjoy this issue, and look for another in August. And remember, if you’re interested in contributing, check out the” How To Submit” page.

Here’s the list of contributors for the new issue:

Featured Artists Adam Coles & Jill Telford

Featured Web Comic “Not Green Cheese” By Shawn Dubin

Featuring the Poetry of:

Ben Macnair

Dave Migman

Colin Dardis

Gary Beck

Richard Mezo

Gale Acuff

Andrew Spaschak

Sheray Johnson

Eric C. Harrison

With Fresh Fiction By:

George Spencer

Carlo Matos

Arthur Haupt

Johnny Virgil

And a review of Michael Sonbert’s new book “We Are Oblivion”

Special thanks to my Fiction editor Jen Dubin!


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